Jeffrey Orridge is the new CFL Commissioner

From the Globe and Mail this morning:

"Jeffrey Orridge, a senior executive with a background in sports, entertainment and media, is the new commissioner of the CFL.

Orridge has been the executive director of sports at the CBC the past four years, responsible for strategic direction and acquisition of sports properties at the public broadcaster. He negotiated the return of the Olympics to CBC for 2014 and 2016 as well as the upcoming 2015 Pan Am Games. "

At first glance he sounds like an excellent choice. Hopefully this first impression remains a lasting one. :cowboy:

Impressive resume

New #CFL commish Jeffrey Orridge: Harvard Law, CBC exec director of sports, Right to Play COO, VP Mattel, director global marketing Reebok.

Mark Cohon was going to be a hard act to follow. From the sounds of it his (Jeffrey's) shoe size is even larger.

I like the "global marketing for Reebok" part. I really feel the league is in the right place where some aggressive marketing will pay off huge overall. Particularly in T.O.

I think it's a good choice for commisioner and I agree with the other post about his experience with Reebok and the connection they have with the CFL and his previous experience in International Sports, maybe the CFL could get better marketing and exposure around the globe.

Impressed with both his resume and his handling of this first 1-on-1 interview as Commish:

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However, it's about the tie! -- probably a very good choice for wearing to the job interview, but not for being introduced to the fans. It certainly has to go before he visits The Hammer.

I somehow got the wrong video into my post above. Hopefully this is the right one, showing the new Commish's tie:

A much better look for the new Commish :slight_smile: :wink:

Interesting, and puzzling to me, is the final comment of paragraph 23 in this article on Mr. Orridge – “…and semi-punted Mark Cohon out of office.”

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Yes previously read a report how Cohon was pushed before he jumped.

My take?

A reporter trying to stir controversy in order to make his story interesting. :wink: