Jeffrey Orridge Era (2015 to present)

That’s fair.

I am, however, a MONEY guy (everything begins and ends with $$$) and I think he has done a very good job finding revenue streams for the League.

Really, we are having a good discussion on Orridge, and you go down that avenue. There are already a number of threads to dump on the Riders and some of their overhyped fans.
As for the Ottawa comment, the greatest reason for not having 2 Roughrider/Rough Rider teams in a 9 team league…2 Roughrider/Rough Rider teams in a 9 team league.
Common sense won out.

Brian Lawson and Michael Copeland finalized the Argonauts sale.

League had been looking to sell the presenting rights for the Grey Cup for a long time, there was months of negotiations going on prior to Orridge getting hired. Maybe Orridge spoke to them, coming in as new Commish, I’m sure the league wanted the sponsors to meet him, but to give him credit for the presenting rights is a bit much.

“Zoomies” is not on the CFL. Does the CFL help bring advertising partners to TSN ? Yes they do, but TSN still has to bring in advertising partners, such as GMC, Sleeman, Kia, BMO, etc.

Mark Cohon brought Mark’s in as Labour Day sponsor in 2014, not Jeffrey Orridge.

It was done under his watch and like I said, " I’m sure most of the work was done long before he arrived".

This has been on the back burner for years. Again, it was done under his watch and I give him credit for ensuring it was done - something other Commissioners failed to do.

I said as much above. Again, under his watch there has been a huge upgrade and he deserves credit. To imply he had no/little impact, when we saw garbage for sponsors before he arrived, is being disingenuous.

Fair enough.

Orridge was officially brought in on April 29th. Argonauts sale press conference was May 20th, and the Shaw announcement was May 8th.

The only real things Orridge has done is getting last year playoffs on youtube, and the deal with Draft Kings.

Fair enough. :thup:

After reading what P.J. wrote, I need to give more credit to Mark Cohon. He obviously had more impact than I gave him credit for. My bad and my apologies.

[i]But the logo is still ugly! :thdn:

AND, the challenges and PI rules are ruining the games! The commish gets a C- grade from Johnny. :cowboy: [/i]

Despite that, Chris Jones and many Rider fans don’t like him! :smiley:

IMO, OSEG never really wanted the Rough Riders name. I believe the only way that they would have used the name had been if there had been a strong majority of fans in Ottawa that wanted the name (which there wasn’t). My guess is that Hunt asked Saskatchewan to say Ottawa couldn’t use the name to save face with those in Ottawa that wanted the name.