Jeffery L.Orridge owes TiCats/fans an apology

Our new Commisioner was proud to list video review as one of his key points to success. I think he owes our Cats and we their loyal supporters an apology. Mr. Orridge got involved with the great Austin altercation - utilizing social media to express his view on the need for discipline. How about granting the topic of the numerous and game changing erroneous decisions made against the Cats the same consideration? Maybe more than 1 set of eyes should review the video. For me, the 2016 Grey Cup winner will be assigned as asterisk - marking the year's champion as a questionable recipient.

Screw the apology!! The league owes us & our team a hell of a lot more than that!!!

I will be even more vocal.
The Commish can go to hell in a hand basket.
Orridge and the curtain of silence in regards to what is happening on the field and
at the Command Centre NEEDS to be brought into the open.
And spoken about in great length…and corrected.
Fans from not only the Ti Cats but every other Team as well.
Have had enough of this bullshit…PERIOD.

Get rid of this clown and clean house from the top down. Hire a CANADIAN with CFL experience. PINBALL for commish. (I know he's not Canadian but as close as you can get). At least he has a true passion for the CFL.

I know it won't happen, but every season ticket holder should be given a refund or credit on that playoff game that we paid for.

Apologies mean nothing at this point. We've heard them far too many times and we've been ripped off and cheated by the league. Open up the coffers and start doing something other than spewing words or there won't be any fans left who care.

Agree 100%

I think the only remedy left is legal action, perhaps even launch a criminal complaint against Harbin. That would get them to sit up and take notice.

We got the play off game with our STH packages: not for the game we should have been watching, the Eastern Final, but a game.

The people who got cheated are the Ti Cat players. The league owes them the same amount of money they should have received for finishing first, and the play off money they probably would have earned by advancing to the GC.

As it is announced who the field ref crew are so should it be for the so called command centre; and there should be at least TWO people watching this screen. Actually I like the idea of the field crew having access to all these angles as well.


He is Canadian now, has the citizenship to prove it.

We need a Criminal investigation into CFL Fraud .
Give the person who made the call a Polygraph test ,they obviously had the intent to deny the Ti Cats no matter what .
Get a Commissioner from the West ,someone who has been at least a General Manager .
The last two Commissioners from the East haven't been successful ,both Toronto people, surprise!
No more Eastern Commissioners and change the Command Center judge to a Westerner as well.

Orridge owes Hamilton an apology and a lot of players a bonus cheque.

8) And they wonder why fans are completely fed up with the CFL when this kind of crap keeps happening over and over.
   After this latest screw up you can rest assured that there will be even more TiCat STH  that simply won't bother to 
   renew their seats for next season !!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

   Can you blame them ??

Yes, you can. Because that doesn't hurt the CFL, it only hurts the Ticats, who are reliant upon ticket sales.

No more apologies. Words mean nothing at this point. They've apologized how many times now?

I can understand a mistake. Any of us could accept that. But a 2nd time? And now a 3rd and 4th time on the same play. Even if there isn't a conspiracy, it calls into question the integrity of the CFL itself. Anyone in charge of anything, whether its a corporation or a family picnic needs to maintain integrity. Obviously this isn't something that the CFL really seems to care about. But they need to wake up!

Someone needs to be held accountable. This is unacceptable, especially when the livelihood of the league is at stake. How many fans are saying their walking away from the CFL because of the lack of accountability when it comes to blown calls? How was this not addressed after the previous apologies? How was the same guy that screwed up before given the same assignment? If they insist on only having 1 person in the Command Centre, then find someone else for Ticat games, because the current one is useless.

They should replay the game

I agree 100% Count Floyd! Tipper's suggestion sounds more like an excuse to dump the Ti-Cat tickets, rather than a correction of the problem. I like that one poster's suggestion that the league reimburse the Hamilton players by awarding them the play-off bonus they should have earned. That way, the offending party pays the penalty, not the victim. Ideally, Harbin should pay them, but I live in a fantasy world sometimes :slight_smile: .

And, off on another tangent, didn't the explanation of the reason the Ellingson fumble was missed state that during a review "all parts of the play under challenge are reviewed". Which means the (bogus) holding call should also have been subject to review, and over-turned.

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that the league should man up and pay the Ti-Cats players! I am still waiting for Orridge to apologize, but then again, I'm still waiting for that car dealer to call me with the red-hot deal on the 1974 Duster. Hmmm, what did Orridge do for a living before he decided to screw up the CFL?

I agree that the CFL should pay the Ticats' bonuses.

Harbin should lose his position as replay official. This is now twice that this same replay official has erred on a potentially game-changing call. If he is not biased against the Ticats, it doesn't matter, because now the perception is that he certainly is. At the very least, he is not competent to carry out his duties, and should be removed.

Just an fyi, I did see on facebook this morning that someone has started a petition on calling for his removal.

So how do we get Pinball, Lenny? We need a Commish who is passionate aboot the CFL and Clemons certainly is!! Orridge has lost my respect - link doesnt say how long his contract is.

How about a petition!!!

This is a fantastic suggestion. You won't get a more passionate CFL pusher than PINBALL. He would do wonders for the league.

Mark Cohon seemed to bring the league to a financial stability as well as expansion. Initiatives like Touchdown Atlantic got many more people interested in the CFL. However under Orridge there seems to be an ominous apathy creeping in again. Far too many missteps already that are pissing off the fans. This guy better get a clue real soon otherwise the CFL could be in trouble in a couple of years.