Jefferson's pick-six leads Bombers to 3rd straight win

WINNIPEG — The two-time defending champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers continue to build momentum following a third straight win to start the season. And while all three phases made an impact in their 26-12 home victory over Hamilton in their rematch of the past two Grey Cups on Friday, it was the defence that once again made the ultimate difference.

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OK Maaax, now you get your undisputed #1 power ranking from me. Sask dropped the ball, BB ran with it. The team to beat again.

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Thanks PorkyPine. You may be right but there's still that unknown commodity we get to see play against the Argos this evening. Are the Lions as good as they appeared to be against the Elks? If so, we'll soon know.

Let's hope curiosity gets the crowd to show up in BC.

For a minute there I thought it was "Jefferson's six-pack leads the Bombers to 3rd straight win."

Bombers had a quietly efficient game - their best of the season. Legghio improved. His 1st 2 successful FG's over 30 yds so that's a good sign. Punting? Three times punted out of bounds/singles giving the TiCats automatic field position @ the 40. As bad as the Cats have been it didn't cost them much. Another explosion play but only one. The running game? Most carries in the CFL 17/game & a combined avg of 3.47 yds. Bad. Still work to be done. Next up @ Toronto followed up with @ BC 5 days later. That should be the 1st big test. We'll see how the TO/BC contest goes to see where they stand. So far so good. :sunglasses:

Unless he was running backwards, his six-pack was leading the Bombers to victory, no?:smiley:

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That would've been absnormal.

As a Cat fan, I am very disappointed with this teams performance this year. They lost key players during the off-season (Masoli, Banks, Dejar(sp?) ) and didn't appear to try to replace them or to keep them - instead the Cats promoted Steinhauer. So far their play is uninspiring. While it is too early for the Cat's management to push the panic button, if things continue like this I give it two more games and then heads should roll - maybe even Steinhauer's!

Well they picked up another O-lineman from the Elks who is coming your way. Saxelid, despite all the hype, hasn't played regularly from what I can tell. Don't know who's going the other way for Kelly. Draft pick???? Battle of the 0-6 teams next week in the Hammer. Lose that one & you may be right. Almost a must win, no? :sunglasses:

The Bombers have only played 2 Eastern teams so far. They haven't exactly blown either team away. It is really difficult at this point to crown the Winnipeg squad as still the #1 team. I haven't seen the power they possessed last year. Playing mostly Eastern teams is no test given the Western Division is always stronger. It certainly looks to me like the league has favored the Bombers by giving them more Eastern teams to play.
Both Bombers and Riders play Eastern teams 7 times whereas Lions, Elks & Stamps play 6 times\ The Elks and Stamps play a double Back to back with each other and the Stamps only play Ottawa and Montreal once. What ever happened to playing each team in their own back yard as well as at home? That used to be the way!

Who plays who evens out from year to year. Last year the Bombers didn’t play Ottawa at all and they don’t get to play the free space on the bingo card Elks four times like the Stampeders do.

Calgary has arguably had an even easier schedule than the Bombers so far, playing 3 teams that are collectively 1-8 and barely beating each of them. As you say, they haven’t exactly blown any of those teams away.

As I have posted on other threads, the Bombers are back to back champs, are 3-0 this year and have been in first place 17 consecutive weeks. There is no way they can’t be ranked #1 at this time. They won’t lose that ranking until they lose a game nor should they. You can’t drop a team in the rankings just because you want them to lose.

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People just have to accept that there's nothing wrong with being #2.
Someone has to be the bridesmaid!


Personally I'd like to thank you for all the time and effort you use focusing on the Bombers, that In it self would answer your question, yes the Bombers are indeed #1 otherwise you would spend more time elsewhere like Nathan Rourke's amazing start to 2022 instead of " Winnipeg squad as still # 1 team." BTW those are your words that are not mention in the article....Hmmm.
When Winnipeg comes to McMahon stadium July 30th week 8, and the Bombers are living rent free in your head, do you think you'll have room for one more, I'd like to join them.
Thank you for the compliment :blue_heart: :football: :trophy::trophy:

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@ Jon:

HA! HA! HA! Take at look at how the league has ranked the Bombers on the STANDING tab!

See even the League indicates that the Bombers have had it easier by playing the bottom teams in the East over the more difficult teams in the West.

Will these STANDINGS remain as it shows now.? No! I seriously doubt it. But at this time as I said the Bombers have only played 2 teams out of 3 games. The Stamps have played 3 teams out of 3 games. (one in the Western division) And have arguably played a much harder game in those games as they allowed the opponent to take the lead before grabbing 3 victories. Showing off their power.

Enjoy your GC victories in the past because no one remains on the top forever. Not even the Bombers!

@Wegotthecup: Really have you looked at the present STANDINGS tab on the CFL web?

Indicates more or less what my previous post was talking about. The Bombers have had it easier

So far with only meeting 2 eastern teams out of 3 games. (bottom eastern teams at that) with another

Eastern team next week.

And if you have read the other posts I made after the Lions smashed the Argos you wouldn’t have made

The comment about me not spending time on Nathan Rourke and his amazing performance.

Take a look at the Article on the CFL web site titled “ROURKE MAKES HISTORY IN WIN OVER ARGOS”

If you think that the Bombers are going to have a CAKE WALK into the next Grey Cup , I believe the Lions, if they can

maintain their dominance over the competition, have a thing to say about your thoughts ! No team

can stay on top forever and this is the year the Bombers fall from grace. If not to the Stamps then the Lions

So enjoy the past because I believe the future is going to disappoint you. Cheers!

Let's see, how to un-jumble this conversation.

The standings have Calgary in top spot , and rightly so vis a vis "points for" IE Calgary 93 vs Winnipeg 64 not b/c Winnipeg played Eastern or weaker teams.

Winnipeg struggles with Ottawa is an unknown for now, as many believe Ottawa could be the top Eastern team if so then Winnipeg may have played better than first thought, if not then Winnipeg began their season like many other seasons, out of the gate slowly.
As 2 teams vs 3 teams?? Give your head a shake (but not too hard) as the Bombers and I are still residing there.
Both Calgary & Winnipeg have played Hamilton, this would be the common comparison. Calgary gave up 30 points while Winnipeg gave up 12, when games are on the line most would agree Defense is the better commodity. As for the other games Montreal & Ottawa may be the beasts of the East.....Elks not yet.

"Do I think Bombers will have a cake walk", nope not at all. I hope this is the year where any team can win any game....well almost any team Toronto and Edmonton might struggle as the season goes long.

"No team can they stay on top forever" really? again gently shake your head.....?

I do enjoy the past especially 1935,1939,1941, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1984, 1988, 1990, 2019, 2021......2022 will see?

But still when you read an article and insert your own words into it that were never stated
" Winnipeg squad as still # 1 team."

Then at least to you Winnipeg is #1, as you see things that are not written...... BTW can you turn up the heat it's a little cold and wet living in your head. :trophy: X 12

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