Jeffers-Harris or Carr??

So we are seven games into the season and apart from one good game against the Argos (which was basically just one play) Harris has look pretty average. Also, he has had some trouble holding onto the ball of late. If i were the coach i would really start to consider sitting Harris and see what Carr can do. Don't get me wrong, i like Harris, think he can be a great one but Carr showed some really great skills last season for a guy that was essentially thrown into our lineup. Put him in for a game and see what the guy can do i say!! At the very least maybe that will fire up Harris. Carr has too much talent to waste it on the sidelines.

What do you guys think??

Go Bombers!! :rockin:

I've certainly thought about that lately. Only problem is Harris plays inside and Carr is a wideout. Meaning that if you want to make that one change to the offence, you have to make another, ie, move Watson inside. That's not that big of a problem, I suppose, as Watson spent all of training camp at slot, but he's also flourishing at wideout right now.

Changes are easier to make if you're losing, I guess. I think I'd leave the roster alone for now, but that gets more interesting as Poblah, Muamba, and Sears are just about ready to start playing again...

Depth is a wonderful problem to have.

I've thought about this also but...then i think.. what does TJ bring that carr doesnt? Then it hit me.. TJ when not involved as a receiver on the play is a very solid blocker... carr does not block..TJ does. Carr's only asset is his height..that's it..TJ CAN BLOCK...

i'd leave it as is. someones bound to get hurt and if not...we could always trade em.

Yeah it is a tough call for sure. If Carr puts up yards and offensive production, ill forgive him for not being a great blocker. Carr's height would be nice though, plus he showed last year he has pretty good wheels as well. I guess it is harder because we are winning, but at the same time, it's not as if we are lighting it up on offense. Another thing i would loooooove to see one day is us starting Volny at running back and then we can have a Denmark, Tj, Carr and Edwards and Watson, now that is a scary receiving core!! Maybe even rotate him in there. I know, i know...gotta keep Reid in there, just a crazy thought i suppose.. :wink:

i dunno, dont go to practise but from what i hear.. carr is lazy.. that could have something to do with it. i dunno.. it's a good question.. maybe both carr and tj are gone next year.. hard to say.

mack seems to find receivers like nothing.. who is this denmark kid? :stuck_out_tongue:

we got this tim brown kid around too..kick returner/punt returner/burner type.. i think honestly we see him b4 carr. just for the simple fact he can return kicks :S

Also fumbles..

His job isn't to block, I'd rather have a guy who's better at catching passes at receiver. All things equal TJH's blocking gives him the edge, but maybe all things are not equal. Though I'm guessing in practices Carr has shown something (laziness?) to say he's not as good as TJ.

I'll trust the coaches for now but if TJ doesn't get better I wouldn't mind seeing Carr (or even Brown) in the line-up in his place.

It could be also that they don't want to mess with what's working...

As much as I'd like to see Carr on the field, I'm not sure you do it at the expense of taking TJH off.

When Poblah gets healthy, I think you take Hargs off and put Kito in, because his upside is much higher than Hargs (no disrespect meant, just the way it is).

With Carr and TJH, I'm not sure there's a whole lot of difference, and if it ain't broke...

....IF TJ. doesn't keep his eye on the ball instead of the nfl we might be seeing Carr sooner than we think...I like Harris but he's not performing like last year...Carr also has a little down-side...According to Lapo he's lazy...Maybe he'd get a little more motivated if he saw he might get a shot to return to the reg. line-up..We know he has talent...Just get rid of the sombrero Carr :wink:

maybe carr is just… the 4th best american receiver we have behind… edwards,tj,and denmark.

u gotta think if he showed that he deserved to start ahead of one of those 3, that regardless of situation, he would be.

he’s not so makes me think he’s just not as good as maybe we all thought…

edwards,tj and denmark must bring more overall to the bombers.

hey… its a nice problem to have… like i said,i think brown gets in b4 carr cuz he returns kicks and the only way carr gets in is if he 1. proves in practise that YOU HAVE TO PUT HIM IN … or 2. the more likely, someone gets hurt.

Since Carr doesn't play special teams, it's tough to get him on the roster. Bombers are using the DI positions on dline men, maybe once Muamba is finally healthy, that will free up a DI spot to at least get Carr on the 42 man roster, but like people have said, most likely an injury to an I receiver is what has to happen.

sounds like Carr is going to get in this week in place of TJH

Sounds like the bomber brass saw this thread and agreed with me. hahah

sounds to me like nothing is official just yet :stuck_out_tongue: but...

if so..GOOD.. and if it doesnt mess up our defensive players.. sure..

let me try this...

20 cdn's yes? 19 americans yes? 3 qb's?


really.. 19 there..who am i missing? McHenry at RunningBack/FB/SP teams or.. do we go with that townsend kid we picked up and insert him at safety?


19 YANKS... could pull a defensive end(vega probably) and go with leslie majors at lb/db

thats my guess.

Poblah healthy? etienne to 4 man.

d smith healthy? turner or vega to 4 man
bowman healthy? gets tricky right cuz i think u want m johnson in for sp teams so what yank u pull? my guess.. the 4th receiver.

i could also see jules not in the lineup.. townsend in and mchenry in.

whoevers the better sp teams player

hypothetically,we could start 8 canadians..


logan gets hurt.. well beasley or hef or majors if in the lineup im sure can play safety.

imo,majors gets on this week.. cuz 2 backup lb's isnt enough and 7 dlineman seems like a lot.

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depth chart is up. Tim Brown will be making his debut, that'll be exciting.

rumor is brown is on the 4 man reserve.

yeah, sounds that way now. I had initially thought Harris was sitting out and Brown coming in (more for the purpose of sending Harris a message than Brown being better of course). too bad, I was looking forward to seeing him play. oh well, best to make sure he's ready

I think after that stinker TJ might be back next week, especially after Carr and Lapo got into it at the end of the game.

Knowing Coach LaPo's no nonsense approach, you may be right.