Jeffcoat: 'Winnipeg showed they really cared about me and wanted me'

Jackson Jeffcoat was all decked out in Winnipeg Blue Bombers colours – the blue shirt, the shiny blue jacket featuring the club’s helmet, and the whole ensemble smartly topped with a ‘Grey Cup Champions’ hat.

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I can pick a dozen fans on here that need to read this.

Keep them coming, the boys are back!

Jeez! To read this article one could really believe that Jeffcoat isn't just posturing for the Bombers and their fans. However, if he is so taken by being in Winnipeg as a Bomber why didn't he sign a contract for multi years ? Maybe he is just Posturing like so many other players after they get invited to join a team. Maybe he is hoping that they give him a bonus or someting at years end so he is laying it on thick?

Yes, he's saying all this so he can get a bonus at the end of the year maybe...

Or Maybe many players really do love playing here and being a piece of a TEAM


I am glad Jeffcoat came out of his shell. He seems like a very thoughtful and intelligent man. He has the brains to realize that everything is perfect for him in Winnipeg and he is very happy. As the old saying goes, sometimes the best move is the move you don’t make.

Is that the reason Reggie B. only signed a one year deal with your Stamps?


You mean like this jibber jabber from the once a decent QB?

With the changing environment in the CFL over the past few years due to many circumstances, I understand that to have a winning team it’s in my best interest to restructure my contract to allow us to re-sign Maier, as well as other players,” said Mitchell. “My driving force still is, and always will be, to be the best quarterback for the Calgary Stampeders.”

At least he can say he was in the Grey Cup in 2021. :upside_down_face:

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Sooner or later everyone reaches a stage where one realizes it's time to take things year by year. Jeffcoat may be the next Jim Marshall (21 seasons in the CFL and NFL at DE) I wonder how many one-year contracts he signed in his career. By the way, while he made his name as a DE, the last few snaps he took were at OT in honor of his first pro season as with Saskatchewan. Actually you may want to check with other defensive linemen over thirty and find out how many multi-year offers they have received.

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