Jeffcoat, Bombers agree to one-year extension

WINNIPEG — Just over an hour after defensive end Willie Jefferson was signed to an extension, the Winnipeg Bombers announced that another member of the team’s defensive line had put pen to paper as well.

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Another great piece of the puzzle, along with Willie Jefferson, Hardrick & Thomas.

Aaand it turned out nice again


Very good signings. Now, who’s leaving? Two all-stars are gone in Alford & Desjardins & with more than a dozen teams interested unlikely to be back for awhile. Holidays are over so I expect a rash of signings everywhere. Fun times ahead.

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What’s your point. Let’s see.

This is January 7th, with the announcement of a few retuning players, some how the Bombers are already over their Cap, cooking the books and in deep regarding revenue sharing and will be loosing the rest of their team…

Can’t wait for February

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The worry is starting to set in. We’ve re-signed the two most terrifying ends in the league and together with Thomas the only thing we’re missing is the kitchen sink… I mean, ‘The Stove’. When Richardson signs on the dotted line and Biggy starts throwing around those truck tires again you’ll see some real panic in the streets. It’s only a matter of time before the whole doomsday unit comes back on line and once that happens no quarterback outside of Winnipeg will get a good night’s sleep.

This is a happy day. :partying_face:


Happy day for BB fans.

Unhappy days ahead for the rest of us and our QBs.


Never said anything about being over the CAP, but trending towards it. Nor do I think the Bombers would cook the books, Cup. I could care less how much money they give their players, in fact keep on giving I say. I am amused at how a few of you, not mentioning names, say all these players are just happy to be there. Winnipeg may be a place players want to play - IF you’re prepared to pay. Like everywhere else. Calgary may have the worst barn in the CFL but somehow that doesn’t deter players from going there. And Huf isn’t giving everyone raises to keep them there, right Bo?

Well, if I was a CFL player with NFL aspirations AND ALL OF THE OFFERS WERE EQUAL I’d sign with the club that gave me the best chance of getting to that next level. I’d consider the organization as a whole. Ottawa and BC would be my LAST choices while Calgary and Winnipeg would be my first. Calgary has a great track record when it comes to player development. Winnipeg is getting there.

Totally agree Maaax. I mean you maximize salary by winning a semi-final, then the final & then the Grey Cup which happened to Winnipeg last year. IMO this is more important to the players @ the bottom end but certainly a consideration for top players. But, in the years since the ALs 2nd of 2 in a row & Bombers’ win in 2019, there were 8 different Cup winners in 10 yrs. Only Hamilton didn’t win one. With all these 1 year contracts, it’s a guessing game.
Look @ Edmonton as an example. Right now, Jones’ D will include 2019 All-Star Moore & Ceresna (stats a bit better to Dylan Wynn) @ DT, Boateng & 2 rookie 24 yr olds who had 10 sacks between them in 11 games @ DE & a backfield that finished 2nd in least yds allowed & big plays given up. So, say Jones signed Lacey & one of McCoil or Judge @ LB to join Moncrief they have a pretty good young D. I suspect if they hit free agency they’ll be targets for sure. As will Leonard, should he be available now that Jefferson’s off the board. Those names mentioned are all Jones’ guys of yore. Not saying the Elks will be good or not, just that it only takes a couple of the right free agents in the right places & you can become very competitive quickly. The Argos proved that this year - 4 wins, 3 vs Ottawa, in 2019 to 1st place.

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Great signings! Jeffcoat, along with Lawler, were the two high impact Bombers I worried about potentially leaving. One down. Have no worries that Bighill, Stove and Collaros will be going anywhere else.

You mention that Dejarlais and Alford are already gone. As far as I am aware they are currently working out for a raft of NFL teams but have not signed anywhere yet. Have I missed something? They may very well sign somewhere, I’m just not aware that they have. Also Nicholls is supposed to be testing the NFL as well. If they don’t make it I understand that Nicholls and Alford are under contract for next year. Starting corner, Mercy Maston, who tore his Achilles in training camp, is expected to be healed and playing for the Bombers next year so even if they lose Alford and Nicholls, one of them is already replaced.

On the drive home yesterday I listened to Doug Brown (former Bomber-does colour on radio) describe the Bombers philosophy on signing and recruiting position players. I had never heard this before, but obviously Doug has more insider info on the Bombers than almost anyone. He said that several years ago the Bombers made a conscious decision to pay certain defensive players whatever was necessary, namely D linemen and linebackers. They decided not to spend in the same way on their secondary. Accordingly, they spend very little time and money recruiting linemen and linebackers. Doug says what they do instead, is spend more time and money recruiting DB’s, by far more than any other team. They work out several hundred a year. This is how they came up with rookie all stars Alford and Nicholls and Brandon Alexander and Maston and numerous others. Indeed I had noticed that the Bombers seem to supply the league with more DB’s than any other team, but did not know this was the reason. The Bombers believe that good new DB’s are more plentiful than other position players and that there will be little or no drop off from veterans, say compared to replacing a Jefferson or Jeffcoat. This philosophy has so far reaped dividends. You might say that if Calgary is the QB factory of the league that the Bombers are the DB factory.


I don’t think you read past “gone”, Jon. I stated there were a dozen teams interested. In the NFL, as per Dave Naylor, if you have that many teams interested it is very likely they won’t be back for awhile as they tend to kick around rosters. Best case scenario for Desjarlais & Alford is the fall after NFL training camps close down IMO. Alford is signed, Desjarlais is due for free agency in February.
If you look at team rosters going into the season, most teams are going to have 20 or so DB’s in camp. Is Winnipeg relying on their scouting to field starters? No more than other teams IMO. Maston spent his 1st 2 years in Edmonton. Nick Taylor & Winston Rose were starters in Ottawa & Edmonton, & Ottawa & BC respectively. Rose was brought into the league by the Argos before landing in Ottawa. Josh Johnson started in BC before moving on to Ottawa & Edmonton. Darby spent his 1st 3 years with the Argos. All of them were starters for some time before they hit Winnipeg. Most of the others on your roster seemed to stay put from what I can see. I’m having trouble recalling ex-Bomber DB’s who went to star elsewhere. If you can conjure up some examples, let me know. You’ve piqued my interest.
I’m looking forward to the next few weeks to see where players end up. I guess Harris requested to be released by the Als, Jon, so he could get ahead of free agency. I can’t see him getting signed until the teams see if Dane Evans, Masoli, maybe Bethel Thompson are available, do you?

Alford & Nichols this year, Marcus Sayles last year,
Leggett, Fogg, Loffler, Alexander, Suber, Stewart, Sears, Muamba, Jovo Johnson....
Almsot each year we end up bringing in an allstar calibre DB, whether thru scouting or the draft.

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I still think gone meant gone, but I agree the chances aren’t good they will return, at least until their NFL shots play out. At least they play positions where the Bombers depth is the strongest.

As to the DB’s, I was only summarizing as best as I could remember what Doug Brown said. There was more to it that Brown said that made Winnipeg unique in their approach to DB’s, which was his point. I am aware that 20 DB’s in camp is not unusual, but I was not referring to that. Brown mentioned the Bombers bringing in 20 DB’s in the middle of the season as well, but I didn’t catch when that was. He talked about them working out 200 DB’s at a time in the US and presented that as more than what other teams do. I wouldn’t personally know whether that is more than the norm, but it sounds like a lot to me and that is what he said. I also didn’t catch exactly how long Winnipeg has been doing this (I turned it on part way through the broadcast) but I gathered from his comments that it hasn’t been forever, but for a few years at least.

I think Brown was using this information to explain how the Bombers could find two rookie DB’s that were all stars in their first year. I didn’t mention the players you did and were aware of them as coming from somewhere else, even if I didn’t know where off the top of my head. My mistake, I had forgotten that Maston had come from somewhere else. He hasn’t played much for Winnipeg but was exceptional down the stretch in 2019 and was slated to be a cornerstone of their secondary in 2021 before being hurt. In retrospect, that injury probably gave either Alford or Nicholls their chance to start.

I didn’t say that Bomber DB’s have starred in other places in the league recently but that the Bombers have supplied many DB’s to other teams. Off the top of my head I remember Brian Walker going to Edmonton. He was great here and couldn’t figure out why he was cut, but was ultimately cut by Edmonton as well. Johnny Sears went to Hamilton and played for a few years as I recall. Loffler went to Mtl as a free agent (although he was drafted by Wpg) after being an all star here but as I recall, played only a couple of unimpressive injury filled years before retiring. He was at one time considered to be the hardest hitting DB in the league, a title Alexander now holds. Like you I would have to do some research before being able to come up with more names.
( I see that LetsGo Blue has now helped me out and has a better memory than me- how could I forget Suber? He was fun to watch)

As to Harris, I would agree that he will probably have to wait his turn. Some have speculated that he may have to wait until in season when another QB is injured. I guess it depends to a large extent on what he thinks he is worth and whether he can find a team that agrees. He could probably sign much sooner if he lowered his salary expectations. Who knows, maybe if he remains unsigned he might eventually even sign as Zach’s backup? There are not many better scenarios for an aging , immobile Harris than playing behind a stellar Oline on a team with stellar receivers.

I remember the year Fogg had 4 kick return TD’s nullified by penalty. He burned bright for a short time.

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wasn’t one of them the million dollar winner (almost), and then called back??
I think it was in BC…could you imagine watching that and the emotions you’d go thru? I’m prettty sure it was a weak call too…

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I believe you are correct on all counts.

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I think the argument was how many DB’s are “supplied” to the league after being developed by the Bombers. Muamba was brought into the CFL by BC, Jovo by the Riders & the Bombers benefitted from them being “discovered” by other teams. Loffler came in the draft as a highly ranked free agent. Not discovered in the camps. My point is the Bombers’ roster consists of as many DB’s developed by other teams than the reverse. I mentioned 5 DB’s who started a lot of games with other teams before they landed in Winnipeg through free agency. With one year deals, players change teams all the time but to say the Bombers sent out quality DB’s around the league is a bit much. As for Fogg, let’s be honest here. The Bombers didn’t want him anymore & he lasted 7 games with Toronto.
The idea that the Bombers built their team from within is just not true. They have been very good with the CFL draft & got good National starters - no question. That’s a strength. But import talent? Bighill was a star in BC, Jefferson a star in Edm & Regina, Bryant a star in Calgary before Winnipeg. Collaros was brought in by Argos. Hardrick came from the Riders. Neufeld was a 5th round draft pick by the Riders, Demski drafted by the Riders. That’s 7 of your 11 All-Stars this year. This team was built through free agency. And, as we’re seeing now, paying top $$ to keep them - just like everybody else.

I remember that! OooBoy I’d have lost it if that happened to me. I think the league and the sponsor tried to make it up to the ‘winner’ by giving them some kind of consolation prize. If that happened next season, I wonder if the review team at CFL Command (headquartered in the back of Harry’s Sex Shop in downtown Toronto) would step in and make things better… or worse? :thinking:

@pantsonfire : OK, I was wrong on Jovo, and I was thinking of Henoc, but ofcourse he played LB. Either way they did find Sayles, Alford & Nichols the past 2 offseasons, so this narrative that we only throw $ around and don't develop our own is just false.
It has been well reported here that finding a young DB was the focus of the offseason, and we did have a ton of them in camp.
At any rate, show me a team that doesn't sign FA's. Why wouldn't a team/fans want the best players available?


Blue, a couple of things. I’m not disagreeing that the Bombers have a focus on finding young DB’s. If you can find them it’s a benefit to spending $$ elsewhere & they have found some very good ones. But I, personally, don’t see how that makes them the CFL’s DB factory. Secondly, as I have said, when it comes to building teams the Bombers are no different than any other team. They build through free agency, as do all the clubs. BUT players will sign for less to stay in Winnipeg? Of course you’d like to stay on a championship team. Why wouldn’t you? But have any of them NOT got more money? They should & they have. Jeff Reinebold wrote a very heartfelt letter to the fans upon leaving Hamilton & I’m sure he loved his time there. Why go to Montreal? My guess is he got a better deal, no?