Jeff Tisdale

The LP is reporting that Jeff Tisdale is on his way to the Riders according to a press source in Montreal.

Is this a good move or not? Again is this an over priced talent that can’t cover the cost of his paycheck with his play? Now his numbers sound good but he has bounced around a bit being with the Als, Stamps and the TiCats. Is this a personality issue or just a high price tag?

shouldn't be expensive...he was without a job
as I said in a thread yesterday...there is at least one injury....sounds like Brown, TJackson or both...they had to do something.
Not a very good CB in man coverage...hope he is better in zone.

Geoff Tisdale is 30, cant Taman find anyone younger and cheaper ?

Why would a guy without a job and still seeking be expensive? I can't see it as a massive price tage and the team needs some experience on D, especially if someone is out an extended period. how many 1st/2nd year players are on D....there comes a point it is too much. If Brown or TJack are out they need some experience

Well if its attitude we had Anderson on the team and yes at times he was a handful but he could back up his smack talk with actions. If Tisdale can do the same and Cory can keep a leash on him then fine, give him a shot.

It's not like they expect him to develop into a rock defender in 2 to 3 years time. They need someone who can play now. Tisdale is a good solid player with experience.

No. Just, no.

Well do you have anyone in mind? If as depop says Jackson and or Brown are injured then either we go with rookies or have to get someone else. Carter is a mystery why he is on the team still in my books.

Have to take in consideration that this team needs some one solid to step in and get the job done now , not in a couple of weeks. If they had even won one of the games it may not be as critical but lets face it, this is getting to crunch time.


Lol all right now I'm confused, I asked what was the feeling on signing Tisdale and then asked whats his story for getting around so much. Money, attitude, what. Depop said attitude so I replied back well its not like we haven't had those on the team before referring to Anderson. You replied no, just no so I would take it that meant you wouldn't sign him. Now when I asked who would suggest your reply is Tisdale.

So to be clear are you for or against signing Tisdale?

It sounded to me that you were suggesting bringing in Anderson. I'm sorry if we have miscommunicated. I was indeed saying no to Anderson. In fact I have always liked Tisdale as a player.

LOL no problem. Oh no I wouldn't bring back Anderson because I don't think he could get the job done with the new rules as he was a very much hands on kind of defender. I just meant he wa a bit of a head case too and we dealt with that fairly well.

Les Roughriders viennent de mettre la main sur un bon demi défensif en Geoff Tisdale. Je suis très content pour lui.

Contrairement à Dwight Anderson ou Jonathan Hefney, Tisdale est un joueur qui ne met pas son équipe dans des positions difficiles avec des punitions ou des comportements stupides. Il est un joueur d’équipe et a l’attitude en conséquence.

Je crois que les nouvelles règles défavorisent un peu Tisdale en ce qu’il n’est pas un demi qui aime faire contact. Il est toutefois bon en couverture et a de bonnes mains. Tisdale a eu son lot d’interceptions dans sa carrière et ce n’est pas du hasard. Il a le flair pour se placer en bonne position pour finir avec le ballon de temps à autre. Il devra toutefois s’ajuster aux nouvelles règles car il ne pourra pas faire ses couvertures d’une façon aussi serrée que par le passé. Je demeure convaincu qu’il va y arriver.

Tisdale is a good DB. He just lost his job in training camp to Jonathan Hefney, which was a surprise to most of us Als fans. He's a bit of a feast-or-famine player, in that he'll get burned a few times but then come up with a huge pick, but he's only 30 and has plenty of game left in him. For DBs in this league, 30 is not particularly old.