Jeff Tedford

Jeff Tedford (Ticat #9)

I recognise that some participants on this site dont like speaking about the non Canadian version of football, therefore I have added a CFL twist to this weekends NFL draft.

If you dont remember, Jeff Tedford backed up the tabbys Dieter Brock back in 1984. This was the year of my first trip to Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Jeff as you may know is now Head Coach at the University of California. Jeffs ability (amongst others) is to produce quarterbacks that get drafted in the first round. He has managed to apply this great talent from different levels of the coaching hierarchy (QB coach, Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach). He has produced the following great NCAA qbs who were all drafted by Saturday mid afternoon (in their respective drafts).

Witness number 1 Kyle Boller (Baltimore Ravens)
Witness number 2 Joey Harrington (Detroit Lions)
Witness number 3 Akili Smith (Once of Cincinow Frankfurt Galaxy)

You may have noticed from this list that once they get more than 100 yards from Jeff, they go South!

This years highly touted qbs are Alex Smith (Utah) & Aaron Rodgers (California)…Jeff has done it again. Rodgers will go in the first 10 picks.but if you were Mike Nolan or Mr York.and the Niners need a qbwould you draft Aaron Rodgers with the first overall pick?

Maybe the difference this year, is that at least the University of California is just around the Jeff would be on hand for any necessary implementation & maintenance work, when he is not pursing the Trojans!!

Kind Regards

He also has George Cortez coaching he helped produce Gracia, Burris, and Dickenson when he was up in Calgary. I believe Jeff Tedford was QB coach in Calgary at one time.