Jeff Tedford leaving the Lions Den

So… Jeff Tedford, head coach of the Lions is tendering is resignation. That was fast. From comments he'd made when hired a year ago it sounded like he was going to be around for awhile- despite a 7-11 record in his first year as head coach. This is what he said a year ago about coming to Canada and to the B.C. Lions:

[i]"I've always had fond memories and a soft spot in my heart for the CFL, both as a player and a coach," said Tedford during a late afternoon news conference at the Lions' practice facility. "I had great times doing both."

“I am excited and honoured to be the head coach of the BC Lions,? said Tedford. “The Canadian Football League has remained close to my heart since my days as a player and as an assistant in Calgary. Joining the Lions today is the beginning of a new chapter and I look forward to the challenge of bringing a championship to BC."

I was not expecting Tedford to leave so soon. I'm wondering why. Does anyone know? Personalty issues with certain team players? Poor play choices? What?

Wally takes over as Head Coach in 2016. Sometimes I think a coach is only as good as the players he is coaching. Wally is no Houdini. Ooops, maybe he is! Who can forget the 2011 season?
He will have his work cut out for him next season. But, hey…if Ottawa can go from 2-16 last year to coming within a TD of winning the 2015 Grey Cup, anything is possible!

Tedford i found was not really up with the canadian game anymore and i found myself questioning what he was thinking at times, he wasnt horrible mind you but just not the right fit for BC.

Wally will turn this ship around, im excited about this season