Coach Reinebold , Has done excellent work here in Hamilton, Tiger-cats ST tops in the league and he coached the LB,s this season leading to the best run D in the league!

Perhaps Austin would focus on G.M. duties and promote Coach Rienebold before he gets a H.C. offer somewhere else?

watch what you ask for

No thanks.

You can't hold the BB fiasco on the man forever.
Like vine, he has also improved with age.

Reasoning? :cowboy:

Unfortunately, I don't think anyone will be willing to take a chance on him. Any GM who hires him is really putting their own butt on the line. Whatever the GMs opinion of him, he just carries around a stigma the fanbase won't ignore.

I remember watching NFL streams a while back, often sourced from the UK. Reinebold often did analysis during commercials over there before he came back to the CFL. I think I burst out laughing the first time I turned on a stream and saw this blast from the past, but you know what? When he started talking he seemed darned smart. A bit like LaPolice, he'd analyse plays at a depth that I just never even notice.

Not that this proves anything about his coaching abilities at all, but perhaps there are some real reasons he ended up with a head coaching gig so young.

Not sure I would have Jeff Reinebold as the head coach.

He's done a masterful job of handling the special teams unit.

I would consider Orlondo Steinauer for the head coaching position in Hamilton, should the situation present itself in the future.

I don't know why people are so eager to push Austin off the sidelines and have him be the GM only? All Coach Austin has done is inherit a terrible football team with a bleak future, blow it up completely, grind through countless prospects, and get better and better and better along the way. He did this with all the stadium chaos going on the past two years, made it to back to back Grey Cup games, coming within a whisker of winning this one.

The fear of losing coordinators is real on any strong team. I love that we have great coordinators working with our great head coach. To draw a comparison, the New England Patriots have had countless great coordinators over the past decade and they lost a bunch of them along the way. I don't think anyone that's ever watched a down of football would suggest that the Pats would have been better off putting Belichek in an office job and promoting a coordinator so they didn't lose him.

I'll take Coach Austin leading our troops for as long as he continues to do such a great job. If we lose a couple great coordinators along the way, that just means we've been winning lots. I'm just fine with that, I'll take my chances on our current head coach.

Is this you Kent?

Bahahahaaa... Nope, I'm not Kent Austin. I never thought about that when I chose this handle. I happen to coach myself, but I coach a minor hockey team that happens to be called the Tigers.

TigersCoach: I'm with you on this.
I hope we can keep Orlondo and Reinebold for a while yet but Austin did not fall off the turnip wagon yesterday. He has a good nose for talent. He'll find others who will buy into his system and we will stay competitive.

x3, TigersCoach and mr62.

After so many years wondering in the wilderness of the CFL, we have found our Head Coach. I hope he stays.

Maybe this is why OS signed a coaching contract with no opt out clause?
He is being groomed as the successor to Coach Austin.