Jeff Reinebold time to exit stage left

Dennis McPhee the d line coach. New defensive coordinator. Nothing personal Jeff but you have absolutely no plan on defense. I have absolute faith Dennis will have a plan to get this defense on the right page. Plan and execution Jeff has none time to go in a different direction. Hawaii Jeff bye bye.

Sorry buddy this organization will not make a move till the bitter end of the season so get used to the status Ko

Not so fast...hank.
I have seen alot..and I mean alot of advancement in the D over the last 2 games.
Collaros... thats another story.
Start Masoli.
Zac needs to get his head in the right place...making him sit out for a couple of games might help.
Currantly he is lost in the headlights. :thdn:

Second and long this defense can not get off the field. If you like to watch other teams march up and down the field on us fine. Offense played well enough to win tonight. Defense no presure let the Qb on Edmonton have more than 5 seconds on every down. Reinebold Is a great cheerleader we need a coach who can get his defense to make plays.


Funny! You're asking for the same thing Johnny asked for, 5 years ago almost to the day!


ZC is 28, he's mking 1/2 mill plus/yr. & he no longer wants to get injured. He's tapping out - Reilly crushed him in late game action. :cowboy:

Why fire the "D" coach? the problem is the Offense, shouldn't they fire the "O" coach?

Let's fire everybody and start all over again because that always turns out so well ! Why do you think that the Buffalo Bills have been so bad for so long ? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


I tried to watch the game last was quite stressful.

I find it hard to blame the secondary when Reilly had so much time to throw. Being inexperienced has been hard enough for these players, but when you have to track your coverage for so long, any veteran quarterback will find holes.

I thought the offense was better this game. Collaros was off target sometimes and on other passes his receivers got the dropsies. Running game with Ross Scheuerman was impressive and likely will get better with him and his blockers getting better acquainted. Protection is improving, but Zach either needs to get the ball away faster, roll outside more as Masoli has done or do more screens and off-putting. One such play worked very well.

Kicking game was solid. Sergio Castillo gave us some long punts. I counted some as far as 55 yards. Field goals, I think he nailed all of them. Could the availability of Waters be in the back of his mind?Coverage was still a little leaky and blocking could be better as Banks just could not get going.

What I saw last night is encouraging. We're just missing too many starters in the defensive backfield and catchers and it's hurting enough to block us from getting the win.

Just one man's opinion.....

The only two coaches on this staff at the moment that are doing a half decent job this season and earning their pay cheque are the two Dennis's .

Dennis McKnight - Special teams coordinator and Dennis McPhee - Defensive Line .

The rest of them from Austin on down to Reinebold haven't been worth a tinkers damn this season and wouldn't be missed if they were replaced . The only problem of course is finding capable replacements mid season . For the record though , as much as this coaching staff is an absolute disaster and a complete joke , I've never been one to suggest bringing in somebody new and firing or making wholesale changes mid season as history shows that it seldom solves or improves anything .

Like everybody else , believe me I'm as frustrated and upset as the next guy and I wish I had some answers to what can be done to fix this club . Maybe an in house change is in order perhaps McPhee takes over for Reinebold ? I mean who the Hell knows what's going to happen or when or IF with this team this season ?

The reason Buffalo fires everyone and starts over is the exact same reason Hamilton does. Very rarely do they make a good decision when it comes down to hiring coaches and management. Greg Marshall was bad, Ron Lancaster’s better days were behind him, Cortez was bad, Taaffe was bad, Marcel B was bad and now Kent Austin who is vastly over rated as a HC. The rest of the league appears to agree that these coaches (Lancaster aside) were bad as none have been given another shot to be a HC in the league again.

We live in a time of instant gratification. We don't repair things, we replace with something new and perhaps shiny. :smiley: The Habs fan knows his hockey team hasn't won the cup since 1993 when they were well coached by a guy who couldn't read (Jacques Demers). They've gone through a lot of coaches since but no cigar. Maybe if they had kept a Larry Robinson, Jacques Lemaire, Claude Julien, Pat Burns, or Scotty Bowman they may have won even more cups.
My point is that the TiCats should be following the Steeler approach to success. They hire good people, keep them, and let them do their job. I think that is what Bob Young is trying to do in Hamilton. We are not going to win every year but we should be competitive every year. It is a process, not instant gratification.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

With the quality of the DB's brought in by Tlliman, I don't think our DC is fully to blame. If he is not given the talent, then he can only do so much to coach them up at this level.
BUT.....a three man rush where Riley has what seems like an eternity to find a receiver, is just plain WRONG....and to do it to or three times and give up big yards is unexplainable.
This is coaching at its worse....but remember...this happened in the past as well under Orlando. It baffles me when we were able to sack, knock down or hurry Riley when we rushed 6 players. What reason is there to change this approach when we were in disarray after losing Lyn? Rogers and Frederick were horrible in replacing Lyn.
Next week will be a joke in Calgary.
I am not for one to change coaching during the season but bringing in a defensive or offensive "consultant " to give this myopic coaching staff a different perspective might help. Something has to change in the strategy/preparation for games.


If I were Austin, I'd be on the phone to Rich Stubler right now.

Lenny, that was particularly apparent on the Eskimos' second and 21 play. I couldn't figure out, at first, why Reilly had so much time and then on the replay I could see the 3 man rush. Their receiver scorched us for 26 yards on that play.

To my limited knowledge, I saw that as a golden opportunity to bring a bunch. Even if he completes a short pass, they would likely still be punting.

Oh well....

P.S....bringing in consultants would ONLY be effective if those they are consulting with are willing to listen and alter the plan....not sure that would happen...

All mopes on board for 1 more outing . . . . if its horrid then hell unleashed like women scorned!!!!

Could be Reinbold, Tilmonk, Kent, etc. (or scouting mopes)

Your blind shot mentioning Ron Lancaster is inaccurate. Ron was awesome. It was only when the team wouldnt spend money on players that his record faded.