Jeff Reinebold / SFU

I'm shocked that, many hours after seeing this (below) on Drew Edwards' Scratching Post, nothing has been posted here. IMHO, losing this coach would hurt the Cats more in 2015 than losing any of their unsigned free agents.

Below -- Drew's comment on a Vancouver radio station report that "Jeff Reinebold had a great interview with SFU for their vacant Head Coach position and is now the leading candidate for the job."

SNAP ANALYSIS: Obviously, the SFU head coaching job would be an excellent opportunity for Reinebold and I think he'd enjoy returning to the college ranks where you can influence the lives of young men. But losing him would be tough on the Ticats because a) it would break the continuity they've been trying to develop in the coaching staff and b) most CFL staffs are set for 2015 and experienced replacements could be tough to come by. Though John Zamberlin, who was assistant special teams coach last season and has plenty of CFL coaching experience, could likely step in. Like Reinebold, he's popular with players. One other thought: not good of SFU to let this get out.