Jeff Reinebold leaving the Tiger-Cats

After 7 seasons as Tiger-Cats Special Teams Coach, Jeff Reinebold is leaving. He is an excellent ST coordinator. Probably the best in Tiger-Cats history. Had great players to work with in punt & kick returns.
The kicking was below average in 2021.
Good luck to Jeff in his future endeavors. Wonder who replaces him.


Craig Butler is the likely candidate. Cats like to promote from within the organization and Butler would likely implement and continue Reinebold's strategies.


That didn't take long! :alarm_clock:

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Wow . That is surprising indeed . I'm wondering if his decision has anything to do with the possibility of health issues that might need immediate attention and has put football on the backburner for JR ? I'm hoping that's not the case .


Definately a kick in the nads for MTLALS
Archambault is no Reinebold


I just wish the best for him and his family.


You mean you just shuffle the linebackers coach over to replace the ST coach...that easy to replace??


Couldn't pass up a chance to coach with old buddy Glanville again.

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Seems like Reinebold is short-changing himself going to an upstart league with only 4 teams. He's been on a weird journey in the last 6 months.


Jeff left the Ticats because he wanted an increased role on the coaching staff but that never happened for him. I can't say why he left Montreal so abruptly but I know it isn't about health, he's in very good health. His new job is a QB and receivers coach so it's probably that he wanted something new that the CFL wasn't giving him.

I wonder if Reinebold is still associated with Sky Sports NFL coverage ?

Jeff Reinbold has always had a sketchy reputation. He's what you call a Paycheck Hunter, nothing more and nothing less!
Too bad Glanville & Reinbold can't bring Maggot Mike Kelly aboard as OC - what a triumvirate that would be!

(1) Littlest Hobo Maybe Tomorrow theme song - YouTube


LOL. Loved that show as a kid. That certainly describes Reinebold.

The Corner Gas version had us on the floor:


JR is an interesting dude. i think he chases the experience more than the paycheque.
Here is a good write up where he drove player John Chicks belongings accross Canada for him.

In January, he bought 104 tickets to the Polynesian Bowl in Hawaii and donated a pair to each of 52 high schools there as part of his Ohana Project, inspired by the “Heart of a Warrior” scholarship he helped establish together with and in honor of his former Hawaii coaching colleague Brian Kajiyama.

1981 Western Montana College (QBC/WRC)
1982–1983 Dartmouth (DC)
1983–1985 Montana (RBC)
1985–1988 Pennsylvania (DBC/STC)
1989 Rocky Mountain College (HC)
1990 New Mexico (LBC)
1991–1993 BC Lions (WRC/STC)
1994 Las Vegas Posse (STC)
1995 Edmonton Eskimos (STC)
1996 BC Lions (WRC/STC)
1996 Rhein Fire
1997–1998 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (HC)
2003 Louisiana Tech (STC/TEC)
2006–2007 Hawaiʻi Warriors (DLC)
2008–2011 SMU Mustangs (WRC)
2012 Montreal Alouettes (DC)
2013 Hamilton Tiger-Cats (STC)
2014–2016 Hamilton Tiger-Cats (STC/LBC)
2017 Hamilton Tiger-Cats (DC)
2018 BC Lions (STC)
2019 Hamilton Tiger-Cats (STC)
2020 TSL Generals (STC)
2021 Hamilton Tiger-Cats (STC)
2022 Montreal Alouettes (STC)

Quite the experience I am sure


Needless to say , TiCat fans don't agree with your character assassination .


Most of us loved Jeff Reinebold; always had great kick &punt returners; usually got the FG kicking right; decent punting.
Now most of these areas are average to below average...which is not helping the rest of the team.


I think he's one of those guys who mellowed with age. He was a bit goofy during his tenure with Winnipeg as Head Coach (I remember a Harley Davidson) but was a class act during his time with the Cats.