Jeff Reinebold becomes Ticats defensive coordinator

I wish Jeff luck but it's not a great hire IMO. He's been vastly more successful as an STC through his coaching career than as DC. Austin just took a coach out of a role he thrived in and placed him in a role where he's failed more than anything else. And it's unlikely that the new STC will be as good as Reinebold was.

[i]Huge mistake by Austin!

Reinebold's defense is impossible for HIS defensive players to run, because it is too complicated.

But, it is very simple for the opposing offence to exploit!

Complicated for his defensive players, easy to figure out for the opposing offence. Reinebold has it arse backwards! :lol:

This is the BIGGEST mistake Austin has ever made. [/i]

Like Colonel Kurtz said "The horror. The horror..."

Johnny questioning the TiCats for hiring/promoting their ST Coach to be their DC. :roll:

I think you should be a little more concerned over the Al's recent hire/promotions :roll: :roll:

The Al's just hired/promoted their ST Coach to be their GM. :lol:
Hired/promoted their Asst OC to be their HC. :lol:
and then hired Joe Mack to be their Asst GM. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

No matter how you spin that, hiring Chapdelaine to be head coach makes a lot of sense. Veteran OC with multiple Grey Cup rings, knows the personnel, the players like him, and he went 4-2 as interim at the end of last season.

Reinebold has mostly coached ST and positions over decades of his career. His one year as DC in 2012 was not good. But you go ahead and tell yourself he's the right guy for the job. :wink:

It is not spin, your top of your organization is woefully inexperienced

You can say the exact thing you said about Reinebold about Chapdelaine except he is not being to be promoted to coordinator but to Head Coach.
Chappy is well deserving of a shot at HC, just as Reinebold is well deserving of a DC position.
Also, One of perks of Chappy becoming HC in Montreal is that he speaks french

Uh, what? Reinebold has been a failure as a DC. Chapdelaine is a first-time CFL head coach, true, but he has won Grey Cup rings as an OC and he showed good things in the interim HC role at the end of last season. He earned the promotion. What has Reinebold done on the defensive side of the ball to earn the DC title? Nothing, except that he's an easy in-house replacement for Steinauer, whose departure seems to have caught Hamilton off-guard. Austin has pretty much said that Reinebold is going to run the same playbook with the same terminology. Sounds like a cheap workaround to me. :wink:

In a choice between inexperience and proven failure, I'll take inexperience, thanks. :smiley:

Well, Your teams inexperience in your organization is about to become a proven failure! :smiley:

We'll see, we'll see! :smiley: Rick Campbell, Dave Dickinson, and Jason Maas have all done pretty well for themselves as head coaches despite no previous experience. Chapdelaine has a metric ton of OC experience and multiple Grey Cup rings on his fingers.

I'll tell you one thing: I feel a hell of a lot better facing Hamilton's defense with Reinebold in charge than Steinauer. :cowboy:

This is true, he will have a tough job filling in for Steinauer, but you could say that for any DC taking over.
This is probably why Austin wants continuity in schemes and terminology,

As I stated Chappy is fully deserving of his shot at HC,
It’s just the fact of ridiculing a well deserved promotion of Reinebold from ST Coach to DC when your entire upper staff consists of people that were support position coaches last year are now promoted to the highest executive positions in the organization.
Pot meet Kettle :wink:

Inapt comparison, my friend. It's inexperience vs. proven failure, as I've pointed out. :rockin:

So by your standards

Kavis Reed = Proven Failure

2005 TiCats DC - Kavis Reed - record 5 - 13
2006 TiCats DC - Kavis Reed - record 4 - 14 - FIRED
2008 TOR - DC - Kavis Reed - record 4 - 14 - FIRED
2010 WPG - DC - Kavis Reed - record 4 - 14 - FIRED
2016 MTL - STC - Kavis Reed - record 7 - 11
2017 MTL - GM - Kavis Reed - record ??? :wink:

And what do the Alouettes' front office and coaching staff, have to do with Reinebold's abilities (or LACK OF) as a defensive coordinator?

Are you actually trying to post a serious question Johnny, When did you lose your sense of buffoonery?

It was a joke Johnny, I thought it was pretty good, I guess it was too good if you guys are so butt hurt over it!

Why can't we all just get along like the players do! :wink:

[i]Johnny got the joke part. Goodfellas, ha ha!

The rest did sound like you were clouding the issue. Ok then.

Johnny thought we were getting along. Having different opinions does not mean not getting along.[/i]

Wasn`t there an Orridge memo about players not allowed to shoot craps after games?

Joke of the week! :lol: