Jeff Reinebold and the Als?

Anyone heard anything about Reinebold being hired by the Als? I saw a reference that he was interviewed for the DC position before but now a poster at another forum has a link to Reinebold's twitter page and his last tweet says "Pointed in a Northern direction" and he has the Als' logo as an avatar. Here's the link: [url]!/Jeff_Reinebold[/url]

He's my choice and in all likelyhood the Als have hired their OC but the Als are run like a secret society so we have to wait. The nice thing about Reinebold is that he can double up as a DB coach. My guess is if the Als have chosen him his title would be Defensive Coordinator, Defensive back coach. He was in Raleigh today which could very well means he's met with Coach Trestman.

His Wikipedia page is already updated LOL !

I guess he’s our new DC.

Aloha Coach !

Interesting. The press on him from his last stint in the CFL isn't good, but he's certainly an experienced coach, and a fresh voice for our defense. I'm going to judge him on his own merits, not on the past.

If true, that’s an interesting hire. His stint in Winnipeg as a HC was a precursor to Mike Kelly. He was a loooooose cannon. But that was a long time ago. I’m surprised that he’s kept his coaching career going. Certainly as a young coach then he flies in the face of Trestman’s button down approach. But age has a way of creating experience and a mellowing affect.
It’ll be a story though…expect some profiles in the media if Trestman allows coordinators to be media friendly.
Trestman must really believe in the resurrection theories.

Let’s hope !

June Jones runs his program very much like coach so am not concerned. This is a great opportunity for Jeff. It fits with his lifestyle and will allow him to be home in Hawai for almost half the year. For the team it gives us a coach who understands CFL offenses and how to defend against them. He is also an excellent position coach for DB's so he can likely handle Deronte Jones duties if required. Finally he will help Jim with spotting talent, he is well connected and a great recruiter. I'm curious to see what led to the fallout at SMU. I'm thinking it was some minor thing. Cannabis or some NCAA fine print on recruiting something like that. For those who might be interested here is a cool piece ESPN did while he was with the Warriors.

Part 1 Heart of a Warrior Part 1 - YouTube
Part 2 Heart of a Warrior Part 2 - YouTube

It is official

44DidierRDS Didier Orméjuste #LCF Jeff Reinebold est le nouveau coordonnateur de la défense des #Alouettes. Il était l'entraîneur des receveurs de SMU.

…Good luck with this one…He should be riding into town on his hog shortly :lol: …Seriously…I think Jeff took on the head-coaching job too early in his career…He made a lot of errors in his tenure with the Bombers…I pulled my hair out with some of his antics and decisions HOWEVER he has been on the learning curve since…How much he has improved is what you’re about to find out…He could surprise everyone??? :roll:

What's past is past. He's likely more mature now, and regardless, he's not running the show. Trestman runs a very tight ship and I can't see him hiring Reinebold if he thought Reinebold would be a loose cannon as DC. Jeff is certainly going to offer a different perspective on our defense, and that to me is a great thing. Nothing against Mike Sinclair, who will eventually be a DC in this league, but sometimes an external candidate revitalizes the unit. And if he can coach the DBs, so much the better.

He Did win a bowl game this year. An interesting addition. Impact already have 25,000 tix sold for their home opener March 17th. Be nice if the als followed suit. :slight_smile:

Time will tell. Hopefully you are right.

Considering the timing the Als were up against, I think Trestman made the best possible choice of the available candidates. I give him credit for not going with the safe choice of Greg Marshall.

Reinebold will definitely bring a passion and an edge. Dwight Anderson might have to calm him down at times. :smiley:

He was too young and immature when appointed Blue Bombers head coach, but has had an interesting resume since, including battling some health issues. And the CFL is not foreign to him.

Good luck Jeff!

I’m glad we passed on Marshall. I think Hfx is right: he’s been nothing but a mediocrity wherever he’s been in this league. Why recycle a guy like that? Reinebold has familiarity with the CFL and will be working for a very astute football mind in Trestman.

Jeff walked on to UH as an unpaid assistant, he got a coaching position with the team the following year where the warriors had great seasons then Jones took over at Southern Methodist and took Jeff with him where they built another top program and are now moving in a more competitive conference. I like this hire and it gives coach a ton of flexibility as we can move Jeff around if we face another situation like this year. As for his time in Winnipeg he didn't have much to work with and it was so long ago that it is irrelevant.

Didn't know he was ST/receivers coach with the Lions in 1991 when both Fluties played together. weird that he's going in the defensive realm.

Pretty sure I saw Jeff Perrett at the Habs game today. He was wearing a Habs tuque. Guess he wanted to see Ovie. If not he sure looked like him.

I remember the als beating Reinebold's bombers 4 times in 1997 and each game was a nailbiter. Peg could have won the 4 themselves.

In 1998 we barely beat him in the july 1st season opener at the peg then surprisingly lost there in sept for his only win vs. the als and of course who can forget his only game at McGill when Mike Pringle broke the 2,000 yard mark and the als scored some 58 points. That was a great day. :thup:

He gets a bad rap, there were no sms at the time. The Bombers had no money, they got public loans to save their butt. I think he even had to drive the bus.

The whole league was in financial dire straights. The Alouettes resurgence and Jim Popp's knack for finding talented players suited to this league got the ball rolling. I may be whining that we're not selling out :wink: but heck back in 1998 we only averaged 16,000 a game so we've come a long way. :slight_smile:

A great hire for sure.
I like Jeff and i thought he got a raw deal in the Peg.
Anytime you hire good football people who love the league and are characters to boot, that's a bonus.