Jeff Reinbold

“Deserve” can be a tricky word in sports but…

Wouldn’t it be cool for this guy to get his first ring with us?

He certainly has earned the right to win one.

No ring for Reinbold yet ? That’s surprising indeed .

I can’t believe that with all the teams in all the years that Reinbold has spent coaching in this league that he hasn’t won one or two already in his career .

So with all that being said ? I vote a resounding YES to a very nice and well deserved ring for the BEST Special Teams Coordinator in the league as well as a very cool surfer dude type of guy like one Jeff Reinbold . 8)

I agree, he’s the best! And, I bet he has some tricks, which he didn’t need to employ yesterday, and just can’t wait to use, if needed, against the Bummers. They sure fell for the well-executed ruse the Riders’ punt return team pulled off in the final minutes, yesterday in Regina. It’s definitely time to change Jeff’s assistant coaching Grey Cup record, which I believe stands, now, at 0-4.
laki maika’i coach.