Jeff Reinbold has plenty

Just wanted to note the answer Austin gave when asked why they would reveal a fake punt play in the pre-season and Austin did concede they probably can't run that one again but,

"Jeff has plenty" :lol:

Love how Reinbold has taken our Special Teams unit and made them just as deadly as our offence and defence can be as well. Even if you shut down the offence for a game, somehow someway how special teams will usually be there to bail them out with good field position or a touchdown of their own.

Beauty fake last night and looking forward to more of his gadget plays this season.

One possible explanation is that having to watch out for so many possible fake plays on special teams will make our opponents more vulnerable on the straight-up routine plays. A guy keeping an eye-out for a fake punt isn't rushing back as quickly to make his block.

Does that make sense?

(Lots of possibilities if Banks and Owens are back there on the same return.)

Plenty of weed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely makes sense. Every team knows when they play us Reinbold MIGHT have something up his sleeve so they have to review all the trickery we have gone through since Reinbold took over and cover their bases because they don't want to get caught looking stupid like what happened in the home opener last year against the Blew team with that majestic onside punt. Teams have to be prepared which is where the "Reinbold has plenty" factor comes in because they can prepare all they want but if the ST unit pulls off something new they never saw in practice then that's how touchdowns happen, and if Reinbold throws in a wrinkle to deceive the unit into thinking they do know whats coming then send it the complete opposite way, even better. I guarantee opposing ST coordinators have many sleepless nights heading into a game against the Cats. I know I would.

Also Reinbold was known to throw Sink and Banks on some reverses or fake reverses on kickoffs/punts so I'd expect him to have some fun with Owens and Banks as well. Unfortunately I don't think we will see Owens out there very much which would be key for trying to set up a play, but if they do decide to just allow Owens and Banks to sit back on kickoffs all season, let the games begin.

Anyone else note that they shorted a man on that play to distract the opponent?

Regardless, Kent is on record that "You try to win every game"

Reinbold should be on record that "You try to score on every play"