Jeff Piercy's Column on Marwan Hage

I think these guys should be concentrating more on converting 3rd downs and blocking defensive linemen than writing a silly column that provides no amusement whatsoever. :thdn:

I find them quite amusing.

I love reading from players and wish they expressed themselves more. Piercy writes well and its always entertaining.

C'mon diesel, cut the guy some slack. It's not like he was writing about hydrid roses or something else totally unrelated to football. It's got to be a helluva long season for these guys so if they can find a diversion by doing a bit of writing on the side, it's ok by me.

An Argo-Cat fan

I don't care foe either of them. perhaps they should concentrate on FOOTBALL. One can't snap a ball or block and the other is a boat anchor.

There is a very nice hybrid rose, actually classified as a "floribunda", called "tawny tiger". It is a yellowish-orange with dark brown stripes, and is quite fragrant.

We have team mascots, why not a team flower - "Tawny Tiger". Better than a pansy.