Jeff Piercy

Where is the value in continuing to march this guy out every week?

Can't Lumsden's size help fill the role of a Canadian RB/FB?

He is brutal on short yardage situations and a terrible scribe.

And Obie wants to re-sign him?

What am I missing here folks?

I can only guess he must be "cheap" because he looks like the worst running "fullback" I've seen in recent years. He blocking doesn't seem to be much better.

Piercy is a hard working NI fullback who is paid to block and play special teams. Other than Mtl. and BC, most teams don't use their FB's for anything more than this.

Jesse, for all his size, is a mediocre blocker, has bad hands and we wont even discuss his injury problems.

Jesse could have been........well we all know the rest.

I know he's listed as a FB but he really isn't paid to run the ball. Every team needs guys like Piercy to do the grunt work. He's not the reason the team has just 3 wins folks. Replace him with the best FB in the league and this team would still be 3-12.

An Argo-Cat fan

Actually, he is pretty good at blocking and has pretty good hands out of the back field. Plus he's a pretty good special teams player.

I don't see there being much evidence at all to suggest this guy isnt worth a roster spot.

Bigger worries than the fullback on this

wow, people even complaining about the positives on this team, I think we need to use Piercy more, he has great hands out of the back field, and he's a good blocking back, definetely worth a roster spot.

at least he doesn't get hurt

What exactly do you mean by "a terrible scribe" ? Has he written anything I should read? Does he have bad penmanship? Please explain this comment.

Don't get me started - Piercy and a host of others are just warm bodies in uniforms who provide NO value to this team what so ever. The front office is the problem - specifically Obilovich - - the team will not succed until you have some talented player evaluators, coaches and most importantly the product on the field.