Jeff Perrett in Montreal for 3 more years !

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RT .@RickMoffat: The Als make sure Jeff Perrett doesnt test free agency---my sources say he's just signed a 3-yr deal. #Alouettes #CFL

Thanks Jeff ! This is a damn good day especially for Antoine LeCavalier

All right! Great news! Who needs a coach!!??

I for one will thank Jim Popp as well as Jeff.

The strength of our team has been the Canadian o-line and it is great to have it back intact without having to play an American tackle. Gives us flexibility with American receivers and being able to play a guy like Devine who I have high hopes for.

Plus deep depth with Matte and Bomben.

Wonderful news!

some good news for sure.

Richard, you were off by a couple of days :wink: But still predicted he would be signed before the FA. :thup:

Le retour de Perrett est plus que bienvenu.

Les nouveaux entraîneurs à l'attaque pourront compter sur une unité rodée et très compétente, ce qui est de bon augure.

Perrett demeure un excellent actif à sa position et l'équipe conserve donc ainsi une bonne continuité dans son unité offensive.

On peut remarquer que les Alouettes ont beaucoup de profondeur sur la ligne offensive. Les réservistes que sont Matte, Bomben et Ola sont des joueurs de qualité qui font que cette unité demeure année après année parmi les meilleures unités de la ligue.

On peut donc voir se dessiner des luttes au camp d'entraînement : Diedrick avec Zaleski et Messam, Jennings avec Anderson et Messam, Deslauriers avec Millington, Calvillo avec Graves.

Je peux me tromper, mais je doute que Dahrran Diedrick soit de retour avec les Alouettes, particulièrement suite à l'ajout de Messam. Dahrran est agé de 34 ans et il a été blessé assez souvent, durant les dernières années. Pour moi,sa carrière est terminée.


C'est l'impression que ça me fait également et je le dis aussi depuis un bon bout de temps. Mais tant qu'il n'est pas libéré, on peut présumer qu'il aura sa chance au camp et spéculer là-dessus. Qui sait, peut-être pourrait-il se rendre à 35 ans, comme Szarka?

Richard V: As usual you are correct with your predictions. Your knowledge of football and its operations is great- with all teams in the CFL.

Yeah he's pretty good that Richard guy :wink:

Thank you/merci.

The next one is with idealsheldon; hence, should Rod Davis return I will have to pay him a lunch for 2. On October 22,2012 I set an amount of $75.00. I increase it to $100.00,since $75.00 is not much for a lunch for 2.


Richard I see you are only planning to drink, not eat! I confirm increase to $100.

I have to ask with your Gatineau background, were you ever an Ottawa fan, or always the Als?

Hey, he's hands down the most well-informed poster in here.

I have always been an Als fan,-born Als fan and will die Als fan-even though I have always had season tickets of Ottawa Riders/Renegates; as many as 6 season tickets and 4 with the Renegades.

In hockey, never been a CH fan; in my younger days my team was Detroit and still is,along with Boston.


Should read: Renegades


You must have enjoyed Lonie Glieberman and his Mardi Gras b_ _bs for beads promotion!

I was there and it was AWESOME !

Priority is to get the O Line in Order having a pair of Bookend Canadians in Bourke and Perrett gets the Als in front of the Curve with an all star all Canadian Line.
The Riders Also getting there line in order just a few days ago will have four Canadians starting on the OLine which is where a lot of teams are heading with the evolution of Canadian Lineman at the RT spot. If you have a guy like young import like Fulton though you lock him in.
Toronto having trying to put out an all Canadian Line for the sake of just having an all Canadian line does not work so when you have the guys you do everthing you do to keep them :thup:

Offence looking pretty good heading into 2013. Coaches will have a good veteran bunch to work with. I am really liking this team.

Have to buy a rider season ticket tomorrow morning to secure a grey cup seat. I'm thinking it'll be sold out by april.