JEFF PATTERSON NEXT ON AIR Saturday; call him and let him kn

Jeff Patterson's first broadcast since his tirade against Lions fans is this Saturday at 3 or 4 p.m. on 1040 or possibly CFUN. The hockey game is on CFUN but the pregame may be on 1040 and then football afterwards with Canucks on CFUN.

I have no idea why Jeff Patterson is still on the air after what he said to Lions fans but he does have the opportunity to apologize and explain why he took shots at us fans before the Calgary game here.

I as a Lions fans don't want to be told I have my head up my butt and I have to screw off if I don't happen to like 1040's coverage.

Patterson's comments were not only out of bounds, they were out of the stadium. This is the opportunity to send him a message on air that he better think twice the next time before making comments like that.

Call him up and let him know that his comments were offensive and Lions fans won't stand for being treated on air like scum bags and second class citizens.