Jeff Mathews Tryout Game

Did he do enough to keep himself around next year? Austin seems to like him.
Same old as last year, a couple flashes of brilliance but a lot of holding on to the ball too long and getting sacked way behind the line of scrimmage - not necessarily at the same time.

Actually I thought that he looked better as the game progressed and seemed to be getting rid of the ball faster for the most part. Dropped catches aren't on him and some of the missed throws could be a result of newer receivers, who are still getting used to the offense, not being in quite the right spot. As Austin is fond of saying - the QB only gets better by actually playing the game and aside from a handful of starts last season and the playing time today, Matthews hasn't taken all that many snaps. Only Austin can truly tell if he's progressed at a satisfactory rate.

In my opinion, Mathews isn't going anywhere. Yesterday he showed he has great arm strength, and can distribute the ball despite taking a beating on virtually every snap. And remember, Mathews was playing with backups. Sure, Mathews throws the occasional pick, but so did Masoli a few years back, and Masoli is much better now. I say keep Mathews in our system so he can continue to learn from Collaros, Masoli and Austin. He can only get better.

For a guy who hasn't taken a lot of snaps and with a lot of backups playing, he did ok. I just don't like him taking the 3rd and short. Doesn't seem to be able to pick the right hole and it's always a less than even chance he can get it.

To your point - the drop by Jones on what would have been an almost sure TD was a beautiful play all around, except the drop. Good protection, great route, great read by Mathews and an even greater throw. That pass was a thing of beauty. A chance there for Jones to build a legend and be a hero. Gotta make those.

Ummmm.....Collaros was the one who made that pass to Jones in the endzone.

If Mathews want's to survive in this league ne needs to scramble instead of sitting in a pocket that will collapse. I notice he have difficulty reading the read end on the "read Option" play. He has a strong arm but that is not enough to earn a roster spot unless Austin has another love affair with a player no other team wants.

He showed some flashes of brilliance, but the faults that he had in his previous starts are still there. It may be just a lack of confidence, but three times he was sacked because he held the ball for too long, and made no attempt to move out of the pocket.

The interception on the his last play was brutal. He threw straight to the Montreal DB, with Banks wide open in first down territory.

Even so, we could have won the game, except that our receivers dropped too many catches.

You know, now that you say that... I was sure it was Mathews but I've been wrong before. Now I have a good reason to re-watch the game.

To me, it did look like Mathews was both rusty and inexperienced. There was quite a noticeable drop in the quality of quarterbacking for us when he came in to replace Zach. Mathews did hang onto it too long, leading to him getting sacked a few times. And Zach would have been able to avoid some of those sacks. Like McManus, Mathews does have arm strength, but isn't very mobile. But McManus had a quick release. Mathews does not. I suppose that as Mathews gains more experience, he won't need as many "steamboats."

And he may get more chances to gain more experience. Mathews played for Austin at Cornell and I can see Mathews continuing to be here.

I think he played pretty well, considering all the pressure he faced and the fact that we weren’t playing many starters, not to mention the injuries. He does need to adjust when the pocket collapses. But, I would keep him around…he has a good, accurate arm. I think he will only get better with experience and better protection.

I say keep him around , with Collaros and Masoli already at #1 and #2 on the depth chart you still need somebody at #3 as the designated clipboard holder. :slight_smile: might as well be Mathews. The thing of it is though is that in reality although he is a pending FA next year he probably won't get very many looks or offers from other teams. The reason is simply that he hasn't shown enough or had enough playing time to warrant another team having interest and wanting to gamble and sign him as a potential #1 QB or even an adequate #2 at this stage of his career plus he's one of Austin's guys having played at Cornell for him. My guess is that he resigns back here next season.

Is he the QB that had -500 yards rushing in college? I seem to remember reading that when he was first signed and thinking that, while he may have a good arm, he will definitely have to either get a quicker release, or get more mobile. The play where he ducked when he saw the linebacker coming late makes me think that that second option may never happen. But if he can get quicker at his reads and release (or if we can develop a much better o-line to give him more time), he could become a really good QB. And I thought that he did get better as the game progressed - not nearly as much deer in the headlights happening by the end.

Is he the future for this team? Uh, way, way too early to say that.

Which usually means no.