Jeff Knox

Has signed on with the Riders again.

I know lots of people thought he was pissed about being bumped by Sam E...but I said it then...he liked the system and staff. Sweet to have him back.

This is one of the 2 to 3 changes yet to come this year I mentioned the other day...I knew this was close. There is another that I think will happen and within a week or so...the 3rd would be the biggest and in the secondary but that one is on the fence I think

I assume you are referring to Ortha Foster? Word was out there that Jones had expected a call from him.

Not otha no...they have talked though

He would be a pretty nice pick up though and one I could see happening as well

My guess is Bazzi.

I'm hoping Bazzi goes elsewhere...though I know the Riders are one of 3 or 5 teams talking to him.

I wish I could say more...just can't unfortunately.

Looks like Bazzie's going to BC (according to Lalji and Dunk)

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Hearing that Alex Bazzie is planning to sign with #BCLions for the balance of the season @CFLonTSN #CFL #BCLions[/ltr]

Thank christ.