Jeff Knox Whining About Playing Time In Regina

Jeff Knox posting "woe is me" comments on Twitter, unhappy that he's been benched and replaced by a guy who can actually play like a LB. It's laughable to see Knox scratching his head wondering why he's no longer starting.

As I explained to Rider Fan last season, Knox is a mediocre LB. He's very slow to read a play and react. Rarely does he attack the line and fill his lane. You'll never see Knox blow up a RB - - he'll chase them 7 to 10yds downfield and then drag them down to the ground.

His stats last year were an absolute joke. Knox had FIVE (5) impact plays - - INT/sack/TFL/FF/FR - - for the entire season, to go along with 114 hollow tackles.

And the guy can't figure out why he's been replaced.

I think the actual reason for Knox being replaced, is simply he was hurt during training camp, and his replacement has played well enough so he is not back in.