According to AVERY will not play in the EAST FINAL.

here is an article about JEFF JOHNSON who will start. :smiley:

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Also please answer the poll at the bottom , right.THANKS :smiley:

Anything that helps the Als win...

jeff johnson OWNS the Alouettes....this will benifit the Argos

85 yrds rushing in one game against the Als hardly constitutes ownership

how many touches did he have?

and your only counting rushing...throw his recieving stats in there.....I DARE U

.....Wow!.....this thread already has more trash talking than the official trash-talking thread does..... :smiley:

76yrd receiving but again only one game and my grandmother would have gotten that in that game

then your grandmother should play for the Alouettes!!! :smiley:

Johnson came in and rushed for 85 yards on seven carries and added three catches for 76 yards and his first CFL touchdown in the Argos 49-23 victory.

averaged 12 yards per touch when rushing…a first down every time!
25 yards on every catch…

i repeat…Johnson OWNS the Alouettes.

she does but she doesn't like to talk about it.
Amazing open field tackler.

they are re living THE PLAINS OF ABRAHAM , over there. :wink: :lol: :smiley:

Too bad. I was hoping you would field your living fumbling machine (which sosts you 125 K$ a year!) If Avery isn't there, the Als will then have to defend the rush for real.

Avery does fumble too much....he blew it for the argos against edmonton ( when i was there )....he rushed for a good 20 yards then fumbled.....that blew the game.....

now that they know what Johnson can do, they should re-sign johnson and trade Avery somewhere ... can't think of who would need him tho?...what team could use him ( not taking his fumbling into account )?

Avery does fumble too much. And I agree with drumming_god, Johnson OWNS the ALS.

That is not even worth responding too
We will see on Sunday

u responded to say its not worth responding?????......why type that at all?

how else would I tell you its not worth responding to

by not responding

But that would look like I was admitting defeat

no...cuz then it wouldnt look like u had even seen it.

now we know u've seen it and have nothing to say about it, cuz u know its u say its not worth responding to, cuz u can't think of don't want to believe the truth.

we will see on Sunday