Jeff Hunt leaving Ottawa ownership group

Reports today that Jeff Hunt is moving on from OSEG who owns and operates the '67s and Redblacks.

Now this may come a surprise to many but not so much throughout the league as it was being reported as early as last '19 playoffs and Grey Cup.

He has done a lot for the city and though will no longer have a role in the organization will surely be seen around the redlbacks as a fan.

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Stepped down as president of OSEG in 2018 so this was in the planning stages for a while.

He will continue an active stake in Atletico Ottawa of the CPL. This year was supposed to be their inaugural season.

He saw the writing on the wall and bailed out while he could. It's too bad he was a great part owner.
I think you will see a few more key CFL personnel start to leave before Amrosie announces the shut down.

Hopefully this will be a step for Athletico Ottawa to be officially leg of their main team in Europe to be officially a part of the OSEG ownership group.

has nothing to do with the shut down or state of the pandemic. As I clearly stated earlier this was a process that was known for about 2 years. Not a surprised. His role wasn't valuable and wanted out of sports.

He kept his stake with the soccer team cause there is no value in it so there was no reason to include the soccer.

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