Jeff Hunt announces he will not bring back the Rough Riders

Come on Jeff Hunt ! Bring back the Rough Riders with the big white "R". if not at least use Renegades with the Rider helmet or uniform. I just hope you guys use a decent name not some singular, soccer style hippie name like the Pheonix, or the Rainbow, the Avanlanche, the Storm, the Fury, etc... . EGAD ! Call them the Rebels, the Rifles, the River Riders, the Renegade Riders , or simply the Riders, etc.... Even the Bootleggers was a great name. In any event, I will only attend the retro game and that's it if the name chosen sucks. I was the guy wearing the Rough Riders jersey at the salon B meeting at Landsdowne and at Tom Brown arena meeting last fall and people were actually coming up to me hugging me because I was wearing a Rough Rider jersey. That's how much it means to Ottawa.

They can call them whatever they want, I'll only be referring to them as Rough Riders.

And assuming they sell retro merchandise, that's what I'll be buying. If they only sell it for the one game, then I'll wait ntil that game.

I'm going to the games regardless though. Doing otherwise is kicking your own ass. I'd rather have a tem by a different name than no team at all.

I am with you CRF I will support our team no matter the name, I am sorry but if you will not attend games because of the name you are not a true fan!
I really really hope Jeff realizes that the Rough Rider name is worth fighting for.

Although the Roughrider name is a great part of football history, and, as I have obsereved, Ottawa's history, the fact is that Saskatchawan has the biggest fanbase BY FAR in the CFL, and one of the top three in Canada (Maple Leafs, Canadians). Although it would be great to see the name back in Ottawa, Saskatchawan does have priority over the name, and I would assume they would not give it up.
Just like you, I will be attending all of the games. I am so happy to finally bring back REAL football! (sorry, Gee-Gees).
But Ottawa needs to go with a more modern name.
The Saskatchawan RoughRiders are the Dallas Cowboys of the CFL, and I'm pretty sure Jerry Jones wouldn't give Phily the name!!!

Was there ever a team called the Philadelphia Cowboys?

Saskatchewan has undeniable priority over Roughriders, not Rough Riders. You or anyone can refer to it as the same name, factually it is not. They are separate legal entities.

If Saskatchewan bought the Rough Riders name and logo from Horn Chen, then factually, OSEG could not use it. As it stands, OSEG owns it and should be able to use it except that somebody somewhere didn't have the backbone to fight for it while somebody somewhere else does not have enough belief in their own brand to let it be used without threatening to hold their breath until they turn

This is still a good compromise.
They'll be some kickass 3rd jerseys (retro)
Remembering the past, but still moving forward...

If Ottawa wants a marketing scheme and make everybody happy then they should do the following.... give Ottawa a whole new different name, forcing the fans to buy the new team merchandice and make a profit,, then for retro week unviel a whole new set of vinatge Rough Rider stuff this way everybody wins, There's only 2 Riders in the leauge for one week, so the team makes money and those people that value that history of the Rough Rider name get to re live their glory days once a year on retro weekend

Sounds good on paper, but I think there are a few assumptions made that may not take place.

For one thing, something that seems to get overlooked is that the die-hards that people are saying will show up no matter what are probably also the ones that will be most willing to spend big bucks on merchandise. If they know that Riders merch will be available later, they may not bother with the new name and just wait for the Riders stuff. And whether they'll spend as much in one day as they would if the merchandise were on sale "full-time" is a question that needs answering.

It's the same problem that Lonie Glieberman screwed himself with. He had a $100 seasons ticket sale in 2005 just before season started. Then the jackass announces that he'll have one the following year. Knowing that in advance, most people don't like spending $450 on a product that they can get for $100, so very few people bothered to renew or buy tickets for 2006. They just waited for the sale.

It also assumes, as everyone seems to, that the new name will be liked. There have been dozens of names suggested here. There is not a single one that stands out as being the clear favourite. So you face the very real possibility that people just don't care for it. This is especially true if they plan on going with a whole new colour scheme as they seem to indicate. If that's the case, not only are you not selling your new gear, you've limited the sales of the traditional stuff as well.

What's this? Does the new ownership group seem to be leaning towards a new colour scheme? The name to me doesn't matter ALL that much (as long as it's nothing stupid), but I think the black and red colour scheme is almost required... and I don't understand why they'd give it up?

It was kind of hinted at. When Hunt talked about having the throwback day he described it as going back to the Rough Rider name and original colours.

It might just be a matter of wording. Maybe he meant the original "look".

No Rough Rider name... the team can kiss my money goodbye...

As Mel Gibson said in the Road Warrior... "so long... good luck"...

thats ridiculous.
I guess this is why football fails in Ottawa.
Geez support your team, its still the same team.

Yes, it is the reason; Poor decision by owners which irritate the fans.

That said, I would not recommend to anyone to avoid attending games over this. Hell, if anything, go to games wearing Rough Riders stuff head-to-toe.

CFR always takes the high road… God Bless him…

Well, I've gotten used to feeling like a jackass for supporting two inept franchises despite my better judgement. If the third one shows similar signs, my little group of friends and family can't think of me as being any more of an idiot for it, so I've got nothing to lose (besides wasting a bunch of time and money). :wink:

I don't give a flying fart what the name or colour scheme is... I just want to see football back in Ottawa. They could wear hot pink skirts & tube tops & call the team Sally, for all I care!... I'm still going to the games.

Rough Riders had a very shameful end, leave it die there. Renegades is a new beginning, just change the logo though.

And the Renegades did NOT have a shameful end, in your view? Are you serious?

I have some time to kill, so I will say this again.. I believe I've said this before... why not use the Renegade name and go with the 'R' on the helmet and the old team colours... I wonder if that is a fair enough compromise between the old fan base who want the RR name(those fans can still refer to them as that) and attracting new fans. IMO, that is a great balance between starting a new tradition and respecting the long history of football in Ottawa.

I always liked the Renegades name. But whatever the name lets just get it done. Thats the most important thing here!

Looking forward to the return of the Ottawa ?????????? to the CFL!!!