Jeff Hecht/Guzman????

...I know Mack does not give a lot of consideration to players who have been released by other clubs but i think these two former Als. should/could get a look.....Certainly with the release of Jewels and Joe Lo we have a whether we have the need is another question.... Maybe I'm answering my own question but I believe you shouldn't let talent go without kicking some tires...These guys are proven and they may be a victim of a different philosophy taking hold in the Als. organization...C'mon Joe ..I say give these two some close scrutiny :roll:

Both are good players (though Jeff is still a work in progress) and would IMO be worth taking a look. Some of us on the Als forum were quite surprised by Guzman's release. Another player, NI fullback Kerry Carter, is also available. All three are good players and if any sign in Winnipeg, I wish them the best.

The Bombers have pretty much said they are going with NIs at MLB so that leaves Guzman out.

The Bombers announced the signing of NI DB Dan West but Hecht might deserve some consideration.

I don't think the Bombers would have any interest in Carter. We already have a few NI FBs on the roster.

BTW, papa, it's Jules, not Jewels.

Guzman can also play WILL. In fact, that's where he spent most of his time over the past few years, splitting WILL duties with Diamond Ferri. Burke would certainly know Guzman well, considering he was part of the Grey Cup championship team in 2009 and in 2010.

...Sorry bout that Mr. Jules...I was thinking he might be a 'diamond' in the rough but i guess we wouldn't have released him...right blueblood :lol:

...Hecht is someone of interest but you're right about Carter...Volney is a ni back with huge upside so no interest in Carter... :wink:

Marcellus Bowman is our starting WILL LB. I can't see that changing.

We also have Pontbriand and Green as FBs on the roster plus Matechuk was at FB during the recent mini-camp.

Bombers are currently at 67 players rostered 68 are allowed at camp, not sure how many non-counters they have but the roster is looking pretty full without having to release somebody.

The roster should expand by 2 more (Aprile and Pencer) although being current year draft picks they don't count towards the camp number. There may be 1 or 2 tweeks here and there if some guys become available that they like as camp approaches. I think they're pretty set at the LB spot and I doubt Hecht makes it here before TC but if there are injury issues with either logan or browne he might be a guy they consider. Browne was injured part of 2010 and missed most of last year with an injury as well. Guzman won't fit here. They are pretty much set with Kent on one side and Bowman on the other and would be difficult to unseat. The MLB spot is set to become a NI spot going to either Labbe/Muamba, though it would be interesting to see if their pick stephan could work his way into the mix during camp. Any import LB would be fighting for a depth spot and would have a lower paycheck. Guzman doesn't fit that bill.

I would've liked to see them do something like Hamilton has done in the last couple years, bring in a local junior player or two and give them a pro experience, even if it's just for the rookie camp. It doesn't count against the camp number. The Cats did that last year with quinlan if I'm not mistaken. BC invited 3 local players to their rookie camp.

The Bombers have been doing that for years.

I know they have in the past. Who have they brought in since Mack has been here? I don't recall anyone last year.

In 2010 they brought in Yembeh Moiba. I'm not sure about 2011.

The Bombers have the Bisons starting QB in camp Khaleal Williams, Although it would have been nice to see them Bring in Marsh as well to help him prep to be Khaleals backup and very possibly the Bisons starter in 2013.

The Bombers want the Bisons to be a power house from now on so the Bisons having their QB's able to take apart CIS defenses sure would help that.