Jeff Garcia

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Jeff here's an interesting new consultant added to Als coaching staff.

At least this is Higgins choice I would say. His contact too.

Pretty crazy. Pulling out all the stops I guess...

I know that Garcia runs a high end elite QB school in California. BLMitchell enrolled in it in the off season. It is highly regarded by many.
Higgins knows him from their time in Calgary.

That makes 3 consultants now with no real declared job descriptions.

Interesting. Odd too.

But he at least seems relevant as opposed to popps choices.

He has succeeded at every league he played on and one of the few to master both the CFL and NFL . Nobody better to help a QB having trouble adjusting to the CFL !

He can probably still pay well enough that he would be an improvement on the current crew :cowboy:

At least the organization is doing something to try and turn things around.

imagine if you will. or maybe you don't have to imagine.

You work for an org in a senior management position.( Higgins)
Your CEO ( popp) brings in two wildcard consultants who presumably report to him. one a ex HC 75 years old with cancer and the other a wannabe HC
then you lobby and bring in your guy.
none of them have a job description


I agree that bringing in Mathews and the other with zero CFL knowledge is a bad idea. Bringing in Garcia a smart one.

Too many cooks in the kitchen. Poor Troy Smith is going to have 17 people whispering advice in his ear.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 2h

Although he’s 44, Jeff Garcia said he’d consider coming out of retirement to play QB for #Als. I believe he was serious. So … Stay tuned.


surprised it has taken this long to get Garcia back involved...he has expressed desire to be for a while now. If he is interested I could see him taking over as OC and making Dinwiddie an assistant. If things don't turn around, maybe MAYBE you have a coach candidate for next season.

unrealistic, although not quite as far fetched as may seem on the surface.
Garcia last played as an NFL backup with the Texans in 2011 (although not a starter since 2009), but from what I gather stays in great shape running drills at his QB Training Academy.

I could see him in a dual role as a QB/tutor only coming off the bench as a last resort though.

Damon Allen still had an impressive 103.6 passer rating at 45 years old before succumbing to injuries thus it wouldn’t be a stretch for a currently healthy Garcia in a limited role.

If he does well as a QB coach/advisor with the Als, it remains to be seen whether he will stay on past this season as he is on the Board of the new USFL which launches next spring.

On a related note…

You work for an org in a senior management position (Popp).
Your owner (Wettenhal) brings in a coach to run the team, who you don’t want and now have to manage. Bringing in someone is in your job description.
The team sucks.
You bring in two guys to help the guy you didn’t want. They don’t have a job description.
He then lobbies to bring in another guy, who also doesn’t have a job description.

It’s amazing how fast Montreal went from the model organization in the East to a gong show.

Hmmmmm, Interesting,very Interesting indeed.......Is it possible that perhaps sometime in the near future this season that we might be hearing our good pal Rod Black with a play by play scenario something like this:

And here he is under center Former NFLer Jeff Garcia going back to pass.....he's throwing deep to the other Ex NFLer Chad
"Ocho Cinco" Johnson,just incomplete on that toss,brings up 2nd and 10

Jeff Garcia barking out signals at 2nd and 10,who by the way in case you haven't heard used to play in both the CFL and NFL scrambles out of the pocket and completes the pass to Duron Carter who if I haven't already told you a thousand times already is the son of NFL Hall of Famer Chris Carter. :roll:

Garcia could very well suit up for the Als at some point this year…

[b]CFL News@CFL_News @JeffGarciaJGFA on playing: [i]“Believe me, if the opportunity presented itself, it would be hard for me to say no"[/i] via @HerbZurkowsky1 #CFL[/b]

...awesome, JG back as the veteran gunslinger would be cool as hell...

yes, and he is in fantastic shape shown here at a recent NFL pre-camp workout …

I have to admit I'd love to see him play. It would make great fun theatre.

Can't really see it but I would certainly be into it.

I can't see any benefit to the Als in doing it. But given what is going on there and the PR mileage they were looking for with Johnson they may just do it.

Could he be any worse than Troy Smith or Alex Brink?

Well the theatre would be great regardless.
However I hope this is all a legitimate effort to assist Smith in becoming a solid QB.

I know you never were sold on him. I'm still clinging to some hope.

But there is lots wrong here to be sure.

I'd certainly start by getting rid of 2 of the 3 consultants.

I'd cut Johnson and SJ Green and Hiebert

And then I'd cut anyone else who harps on what it used to be like.