Jeff Garcia

« Après plusieurs discussions avec Tom afin de trouver le meilleur candidat qui peut aider notre attaque, nous souhaitons la bienvenue à Jeff dans notre organisation et au sein de notre équipe d'entraineurs en attaque, a déclaré Popp. »

"After several discussions with Tom in order to find the best candidate who can help our attack, we welcome Jeff in our Organization and our team of coaches, said Popp." - Balefish-ed

A potentially interesting addition for now and the future. Garcia was athletic (i.e., mobile) but I think he is success was more on savy than raw talent. That often is the CV for a good coach.

This gets more and more bizarre. If Garcia is now part of the coaching staff, why did we hire Schonert to be an offensive consultant? What position does Garcia actually hold? Is he the QB coach? The OC? Who is going to be in charge of the offence? Still Dinwiddie?

What. A. Mess.

"Over the next few days, we will be able to better evaluate all of our coaches and establish what their exact roles will be."

You can't have this many offensive voices without a clear structure. Who is going to report to who? If Garcia is being brought in to help "our offence right now," he's not going to be there just to provide advice. Odds are that since Garcia is a coaching neophyte, he'll become the QB coach, letting Dinwiddie focus solely on installing plays and playcalling. But if he does, where does Schonert fit in?

Garcia can be a fantastic resource for the Quarterbacks. At this point there is no normal anyway so they will have to see how everyone gels and go from there.

He can be a resource all they want, but until and unless that garbagebag of a playbook changes, it's not going to make much of a difference. Hard to compete when you bring knives to a gunfight.

Wow .... with all this movement it seems like the HC & OC are gone. Then again, with the owner stating the offense is a joke after the last game, changes are about to be made. But I could be wrong.......

Maybe that will happen, re playbook being revamped.
At least something is happening as oppose to status quo with Dimwiddie.
Just not sure why it did not happen right after the BC game. Would have given him two weeks to work with the offense.

I don't see any of this making much of a difference this season. It might get us 1-2 extra wins but bottom line is you can't fix coaching and playbook problems midseason in football. You just can't. If it doesn't work in training camp, it won't work for the rest of the year. Training camp is where you have the time to install everything and make sure all the parts fit together. The amount of time you have on a week-to-week basis, once the season starts, is miniscule by comparison. Maybe by week 14, we'll have a playbook on par with the rest of the league's week-2 playbooks. But by then, other teams will have refined and added to what they already had -- tacked on extensions, option routes, formations tricks. You just can't catch up if you screw the pooch in training camp.

I would expect Schonert to be working with RD on any tweaks needed to the playbook, game planning and play calling. I expect the latter two to be the focus as we are in-season.

Hopefully Garcia can help in, amongst other things, deciding when to take off and when to hang-in or throw it away.

I agree this won't likely do much this season, but as bad as the East seems thins year, a little may be a lot in the standings.

My hope is that the the gameplan and execution become more professional/effective and allow players top at least develop for next season.

Might this season be a plan to make Duron Carter look bad so he doesn't get any NFL offers? (KIDDING)

Schonert is a complete newbie to the CFL game. I am highly doubtful that he'll be able to add anything meaningful to the playbook, game-planning, or playcalling right away. IMO it will take him at least a month just to get the hang of things.

Hopefully Garcia can help in, amongst other things, deciding when to take off and when to hang-in or throw it away.
I'd be happy if he just worked with the QBs on mechanics and put some emphasis on making good pre-snap reads. Neither Smith nor Brink nor Marsh seems to have any idea of what to do with the ball until it's in their hands. Bad sign. In this league, with a 20-second play clock, most of the QB's brainwork should be done pre-snap. You need to trust your reads and have the confidence to get the ball where it needs to go on time. If Garcia can help out there, he'll be a valuable addition to this bloated coaching staff.

The Consultant Football League.

The Commissioner is looking into the limit on consultants and word has it Turk might be going on the Practice Consultant Roster and the staff is playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to determine who gets to wear the headsets this week.

That's true. However, Toronto will pull away once their wounded return and Hamilton is better than their record shows. And the West will almost certainly cross over this season so realistically, we might be out of the playoffs down the stretch.

My hope is that the the gameplan and execution become more professional/effective and allow players top at least develop for next season.
Hope so too, but I don't expect anything anymore. Every week, they find a way to thwart my already-pitifully-low expectations.
Might this season be a plan to make Duron Carter look bad so he doesn't get any NFL offers? (KIDDING)
LOL, nice! We need some humour on the forum these days. Speaking of which, where's Johnny? He hasn't weighed in on anything since we "played" Toronto (I use the term "played" very loosely) and I'm dying to see him eviscerate the team for the string of new coach/consultant hires...:D

This is the interview with Garcia today. Watch it, guys. VERY interesting. Some choice bits:

  • Wants the QBs to be reacting and letting the game come to them rather than trying to predetermine things.
  • Put lots of emphasis on reading coverage properly and then slotting your plays in to attack what you see the defence doing. Spoke a bit about coaching the QBs on physical stuff but REALLY seemed more interested in working with them on how they prepare for the week, what they see on the field, etc., the mental aspect of the game
  • Does not mention Higgins by name at all. Refers to the Hawkins experiment not ending well last year and then trails off into a very equivocal reference to "Coach" this year and the uncertainty of the team. I'm starting to disbelieve that Higgins was very involved in bringing Garcia here. He says Popp contacted him.
  • Lauds Troy Smith's athletic abilities and says we need to find ways to take advantage of his ability to extend plays with his legs. (brutal indictment of current coaching staff by implication!)
  • Says he needs to learn the offensive terminology before figuring out the exact problems (whether scheme or plays)
  • Says there is a lot of talent on the team so it's a matter of bringing things together

Sounds to me like he'll be QB coach this year and we are grooming him to be offensive coordinator for next season. :thup:

Lol :thup: Soon Touché the mascot will be getting some help...

Voilà notre prochain quart-arrière. Il ne demande qu'à rechausser ses crampons depuis sa retraite. Il avait demandé aux Browns de Cleveland et Vikings du Minnesota de l'embaucher comme quart-arrière l'année dernière. Je préfèrerai évidemment voir Tate ou Glenn arriver en renfort mais même à 44 ans, je le préfère aux trois desesperados que nous avons pour les raisons suivantes:

Il est évident qu'au niveau cérébral, il est dans une catégorie supérieure à Marsh, Smith et Brink. Il ne sont pas reconnus pour cela tandis que c'était la marque de commerce de Garcia. Il n'a jamais eu un bras puissant mais au niveau des instincts et de sa lecture du jeu, il a toujours été très fort.

Au niveau physique, il a 44 ans mais malgré son âge, je ne serai pas surpris s'il était en meilleure forme physique que Smith, Marsh ou Brink. C'est un mordu de l'entraînement physique, un vrai maniaque qui prend soin de son corps comme peu le font. Regardez ses bras, pectoraux et deltoides dans le vidéo sur RDS de Didier Orméjuste et regardez le au Pre-Camp Workout l'été dernier dans le vidéo suivant:

Même si j'ai tort et il ne demeure que consultant, je perçois cela comme une bonne nouvelle. Il a roulé sa bosse dans la LNF et connaît bien la LCF. Il a remis sur pieds Jamarcus Russell (physiquement - perte de poids importante), a aidé Mark Sanchez, est devenu le mentor de Bo Levi Mitchell.

On dit qu'il serait devenu entraîneur dans la LNF si ce n'avait été de son camp pour quarts-arrières en Californie (moins stressant et plus plaisant qu'entraîner dans la LNF quand on connaît les heures de fou qu'ils font).

The circus continues. This from Garcia on RDS:

« Je sais très bien quel est mon mandat ici. Je veux aider un quart, et une unité offensive à retrouver son aplomb et à marquer des points. Par contre, je ne peux mentir, si l'opportunité finissait qu'à se présenter, ça serait difficile pour moi de refuser (d'enfiler l'uniforme). »

We have a GM who wants to coach, a consultant who wants to play and coaches who are playing at home. This is thoroughly entertaining, compared to the product on the field anyways.

If they let Garcia take the field as a QB, I will know that this organization has completely lost the plot. Jeff was great but he's 44 and we need to think about the future.

I honestly don't think he'll play, though. Someone probably asked him that as a joke, and he may feel like he can still get it done, but I really don't want to believe that Popp and Higgins are stupid enough to consider starting him as a possibility.

No point rehashing who, among the administrative staff was responsible for the existing mess the team is in. I gather Popp has a new extended contract as GM. Having Popp now emerging as the main actor administratively is a positive move. I believe Popp was responsible for the recent coaching changes. We'll have to struggle through the remainder of the season and hope these changes have been productive. Popp, I believe, will have the most responsibility for planning ahead for the 2015 season and, a priority has to be obtaining decent QB strength. I believe a very strong focus must be an exacting search in the NCAA for a QB is called for. All successful teams have been the ones who have secured a QB from this body. The guys who successfully generated these QBs have studied and, recruited from the NCAA. Qb's like Calvillo, Allen, Flutie, Clements, and many others, were scouted and signed and, prospered here. These were QB's who were not drafted by the NFL whose ideal QB is 6'4 and 200 lbs, pocket throwers. Our successful QB's tend to be smaller, come from smaller universities, have been effective and' were QB's who were not drafted by the NFL. So, indeed there is a market in the NCAA for the QB's needed in the CFL. Successful CFl QBs have not been NFL rejects who, generally have not prospered in our league. Indeed, the CFL has sent some of our best QBs: Flutie, Clemens, Garcia, Dickinson etc to the NFL. Popp and company should be extremely busy this coming Fall scouting in a market that has provided the CFL with great QBs in past.

À voir la trâlée de quarts qui sont passés ces 2 dernières saisons, je ne crois pas que Popp soit inactif à ce chapitre. Mais peu importe le quart, si le plan de match, le choix de jeu et le nombre de jeux demeurent aussi déficients, même Calvillo au meilleur de sa forme n'y pourrait pas grand chose. On l'a vu l'an dernier. C'est vrai que bon nombre de grands quarts qui se sont illustrés dans la LCF ont d'abord été négligés par la NFL. Certains athlètes se révèlent plus tard et nous avons pu bénéficier de ces athlètes talentueux que nos voisins ont laissés pour compte. La NCAA demeure un terrain fertile, mais ces jeunes athlètes gardent souvent espoir d'avoir leur chance dans la grande ligue et tardent à accepter de venir jouer ici. C'est le défi à relever. Je crois que la tendance actuelle est de regarder vers les substituts négligés de la NFL (Lulay, Reilly, Willy, Crompton) pour dénicher ces quarts de qualité. Popp devrait aussi ratisser de ce côté en septembre.