Jeff Garcia

There was a tidbit in the Regina Leader Post today that if he is let go by the Detroit Lions he may be interested in coming back to the CFL>

so many rumors....i wish they woud get confirmed from the players...doug flutie, and jeff garcia?...would be nice tho.....but where could they go. each team has a quality QB except sask. winnipeg is now the team with 2 starters ( wynn and glenn )

and KJ is going to be some where next season, I guarantee u, whether it be a starter (not likely) or a clipboard holder or a TSN or CBC man (more than likely).

KJ unfortunately appears done with a bum arm. It’s too bad the man has a good personality. I read the same article about Garcia and yesterday about Marc Boerigter also. It would be great to get either or both back where they belong. How about Doug and Darren Flutie for the last go around for let’s say two years with the Gades.

I agree but Marc will be moving to Calgary and with an NFL team to qualify him will they be willing to pay $500,000 a year for him I do not know. He was a bargin until he hit this milestone but to the NFL younger guys for cheaper maybe the way to go. Especially with a CAP.

With his wife being from and now living off season in Cowtown, Redwhite, I like your chances in getting him back. Wow, what a recieving corp and with Hank as the gunslinger, it says here how the Stamps would win the West and play my Argos in the Grey Cup next year in the Peg.

You never know but the fact both he and his wife miss the city looks good but then again you never know if a team will pick him up in the salary level for the position he plays. Hope so!

Like you said and the article, isn't he too expensive for the No Fun League?

…does that mean if Garcia …returns to the CFL…that he’s all washed up…HMMMMMM… :roll:

Ah yes, that perennial perception of being all washed up if you come back to the CFL if no NFL team wants you.
Can someone explain to me that expression “all washed up” and what it means exactly, I’m having a brain cramp here.

........perhaps.......just like Marc Boerichter and Albert Johnson III.........

Washed up = Translation = "Wish we could have him. :smiley:

Just thought of another perennial perception (kinda sounds like immaculate reception, eh?) - if you can't make the NFL after your college days, you suc* as a football player. Reminds me of a moron I played slo-pitch with the last few years, his favourite college team in the States are the Buckeyes and here in Hamilton, we have 2 former Buckeyes on the defensive ends, Cotton and Cheatwood. But this guy won't acknowledge that the CFL is worth watching, crap he says. Now this guy isn't the brightest light in the world, believe me, I would call him an idiot at best. But that is how some of our fellow Canadians think. Scares me that these people are actually able to get a driver's license or have children, scary.

good one Redand got me :lol:

…I agree with you Earl…it’s sad that a lot of Canadians don’t back the CFL…they would rather sit and watch some of those over-glitzed …boring NFL. games…now don’t jump all over me cuz I don’t buy into the hype in that league…they do have a lot of talented athletes…I just think our game in Canada is a lot more entertaining and better…too bad for those in Canada who won’t recognize it…INCLUDING OUR MEDIA :oops:

Did you know, (Based on Stats from the newspapers) That the NFL games average 130 to 145 plays per game while the CFL averages 160- 180 plays per game. As fans, we get more football to watch than our US Counterparts.

I didn't know that sportsmen, nice info! Doesn't surprise me though, there is just so much dead time in the NFL with the 40 sec clock. How they can allow a team to not put the ball in play if they want which we see near the end of the game or half with over 1/2 minute is beyond me. At least here only 20 seconds which is enough as it is.
Papaloola, remember, when you are around these "NFL only" or "I'm an NFL guy (Paul Godfrey)" idiots, always remember you are in the presence of just that - an idiot. Makes all the difference in the world to me to remember this when I'm in their presence but it isn't hard to remember, when they open their mouth the words "I'm an idiot" come out loud and clear.


Chatting with Hank Burris at another fan site states Garcia will not be playing for the Riders anytime soon unless of course he wants to do charity work!

Hey, rw.....back up a minute.....Marty York reported the Garcia/Ham thing.....MUST be true..... :roll:

Hey I think this would be great not only for the riders but the league but Hank states what I said above. He feels that Garcia would not come and play up here with out getting decent pay. And right now I guess we will have to see how it plays out. Yes the source is a bit of question as well. One thing though with the cap and rules there will be no man to be named later after we win the GC deals for sure. The good thing is that hopefully this will make the league more competitive. Last year was great because of the close battles to the playoffs. Will it make it better no because there will be no difference in spending. But at least every team will be able to get FA with out being out bid.