Jeff Garcia

Hey guys just throwing this one out there, How about we sign Jeff Garcia before he ends up on the Argos!Every time you see him asked he always says how much he loved playing in Canada, so why not finish his career here? What do you think?

The argos are the landing ground for washed up NFLers. He'll probably land there if anywhere.

Jeff Garcia is a hell of a QB and a F... tough SOB, not too sure why you feel the need to attack the guy?

He's done with the CFL

Well, he's still on the short list for NFL clubs to call if they need QB depth in a pinch. He also has started a family, so obviously there would be some adjustments needed if he were to come back to Canada. I think at this stage of his career that the CFL might be on a backbackburner (new word). I wish him well. He's had a good career on both sides of the 49th!

Oski Wee Wee,


Too old, too rich, too comfortable, too settled.

An Argo-Cat fan

Signing a 40 year old back-up NFL quarterback who's been with 7 different teams in the last 6 years?
That would be a digression.

I’d sign him in a heart beat, he’s the last of the great qb’s to play in this league.

Jon Gruden said he was the toughest qb he’s ever coached or seen, nuf said.

The Bucs Won Title with Chucky..
Then he made the Mistake of Letting Lynch and Sapp go ..

as for Jeff His CFL Time is done. but he was a Good one

Won't happen.

Too Bad!

Sorry folks i don't feel the need for him to come back up here at the age of 40. Thats what makes the C.f.l. the lil bro to the nfl when a player is all washed up in the nfl he can always come back to cfl. i.e printers,burris, carter etc etc. I feel if youve made your living down there and its your time to finish then finish dont bring our great league down with your washed up carreer hang them up and move on. besides you got all that money in your pocket thats why u left so keep going!

That would be taking a huge step backwards ...And i dont no about you fans but this year we have taken little bitty steps to improve our clubs record and how people look at us and prepare for us as a football club .
So Jeff Garcia can stay waiting for that call from an NFL club who will pay him good money probably more then a starter in our CFL league just to attend 2 weeks of practice just incase they need him ...

Garcia is not finished in the NFL. Half of the contending teams could use him as insurance against injury to the starter. He was the best quarterback the Raiders had but was released. The answer to your next question is Al Davis.
If you look at just the Dolfins, Panthers and Redskins, Garcia is an improvement on their present starters. We are not going to see Jeff back in the CFL anytime soon. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

If he hasn't been released by the Eagles yet he is on their roster until Mcnabb comes back when I imagine he will be released. I could see him end up with Miami as he is kind of the same type of QB as Pennington. He won't be relied on heavily as most of the load will be taken off his shoulders by the running game with Brown and Williams