Jeff Garcia . . . ?

The fox nfl sunday guys were all in agreement that once donovan mcnabb is back next week the eagles will not keep for qb's and they all also agreed that garcia will be cut.. it is unlikely that any other nfl team will bring on the 39 year old quarterback thats been released twice since the off season...

they have interviewed garcia in the past and said he wouldnt mind coming back to the cfl if he wasnt offered any other opportunites... the bombers might have ineterst in the guy... not long term obviously but if he can pick up the playbook he'd sure be an asset down the stretch and into playoffs (if we were to somehow make it) plus the experience he brings hed be a great player/coach for the young qbs on this team

im sure if hes released he will draw interest from a couple cfl teams

Bombers have Bishop they do not need Garcia. Maybe Sask, because Durant isn`t getting it done :smiley:

That's a joke right lol? I'd take Garcia over Captain INT any day. He wasn't a record setter in Calgary for nothing.

Never mind Garcia, I'd take Durant over Bishop any day too. Bishop was excellent last game, but he's had like one other game of that calibre in his CFL career. I hope he keeps it up, but I don't think anyone should be expecting him to play like that for the rest of the year.

It's an interesting idea, I think Garcia can definitely still play. He'd definitely be an asset down the stretch and probably a good guy to mentor all of our possible future QBs. I really don't think he'd come cheap enough to fit under the SMS though..

He also might not be quite as mobile as he used to be, at 39 years old. While that wouldn't hurt him in the NFL, it would hurt his ability to succeed in the CFL.

That said, I'd be happy if we ended up signing him somehow, for sure.

I don't think it would be possible for Garcia to play this season in the CFL. I saw a report at a fantasy football site which said Andy Reid doesn't expect McNabb to be able to play until week 5 at the earliest although I can't find any media reports to substantiate it yet. I doubt the Eagles would release Garcia until they are sure McNabb can play so it probably wouldn't be until the week of Oct 4 - 11 that he would be released. Then he will likely want to make sure there is no further NFL interest before looking north. So even if he did sign with a CFL team he would still have to re-learn the game (he's hasn't played in the CFL for 10 years) and learn a new offense. By the time that happens there might be 2 games left in the regular season at most. I just don't see it happening.

Anyway if Garcia showed up in camp, wouldn`t there have to be a separate shower set up for him? Lets just say there has been rumors, you know? Would that go over well in the Peg? Pretty conservative town, is Winnipeg ready for that kind of thing, Im just saying :rockin:

As for Durant? Durant is the int king with 16 on the season! How many ints do you think he would have in the Peg? Probably 28

Give Bishop a chance to repeat for goodness sake! If Winnipeg does not revert back to running every other down (they probably will I wager) then Bish has a good chance of repeating, but they have to forget about being this grand running team, that was not even based in reality, sure 2 games with big running numbers, you cant win a championship by being a running team anyway.

.....I agree that the timing for a return to the CFL is not there...UNLESS he decides to return NOW....Getting re-acquainted to the great game is tough....He would definitely be an asset to a team in the playoffs coming in NOW....otherwise....pass....As far as his choice of ...lets say ...his perceived 'orientation'.....Like one guy said ....i don't care if he's purple ,,green or long as he can play the qb. spot like he used to up here... :wink:

yeah okay :roll: let me see Riders 1st place in the west and Durant is what 11 and 6 as a starter, yeah Riders need Garcia as Durant is not gettting it done, Bombers don't need him as they have that amazing passer Bishop who what has doubled more in INTs then TD's Garcia wont be back another NFL team will pick him up

yea i just think itd be interesting... i agree itd have to be now... from what ive heard he may be released as early as next week, i dont think he is in the eagles plans whatsoever, regardless of the status of mcnabbs injury... maybe he will draw more nfl attention maybe not. he's surely lost a step but man id love to see that guy in a cfl uniform again

on the bishop note... if the recievers step up like they did las game he probably will have a decent game yardage wise and maybe even completion percent wise... but he's still more than likely to completely miss a couple throws that will end up costing us games. hopefully not... but it tends to happen with him

Mind you its important to remember that ints are part of the game, just ask Durant <!-- s:rockin: -->:rockin:<!-- s:rockin: --> Also CBs etc work hard to get them. Now Bishop never came out of college with a int problem! He never really had a int problem until he went to Sask and now Winnipeg, and a lot of that was just receiver/qb issues, poor systems etc. Look no further than Durant, yes a good qb, he leads the league in ints with 16, Bishop never had 16 in a season, and certainly not with 1/3 of the season to go!!! Maybe it isn`t all on Durant? Let me see what team was Bishop with last year :oops:

The CFL has had jokes made about it to the point people start to believe it. Canadian version of Sesame street had a segment where Big Bird made a joke about the CFL. Perception becomes reality. And Bishop will have more ints this year as will all the other qbs. Some will be tipped and caught, but there will be no reporting on that, it will just be Bishop had another int, meanwhile Durant is on record pace with ints and nobody cares.

He is married to a playmate of the year. :roll: :roll: I 'm going out on a limb here, but T.O may not be the most credible source !
He may end up in Miami, pennington is done for the season.

You have to look how the ints are made was it a good defence play was it just a very bad throw?or right into the defence hands and not seeing the guy there, many of Durants INT;s were from the recievers tipping the ball or fumbling it and it ended up in there hands, much like what happend last game, its because the Rider recievers put such and effort into catching the ball that sometimes it does more harm then good, when you learn the game sometimes you need to just let the ball go or knock it down if you can't catch it properly. Sure he has made some bad throws but i can say atleast 6 of those 16 were not his fault.

you may be right about bishops int numbers not being high until sask and wpg, and good point... but he has still never been known as an accurate passer. his strengths have been using his legs to get him out of trouble and his arm to make big plays... but he isnt very accurate at all, bishop is probably the bombers best bet for this year, but he is by no means the kind of guy you want to build your team or systems around

I'm pretty sure you can nail a few of Bishop's interceptions to a total lack of effort to Romby Bryant. I don't really remember most of Bishop's picks, but with the effort Bryant was putting in surely he's cost his quarterbacks a few. He cost Bramlet one for sure. Every quarterback throws picks that are the receivers' fault more than their own, it's not just because Durant is special.

eh… he was pretty much a career backup until sask and winnipeg… actually, over his career with toronto his interception percentage was still 5.1%… he did have that one year where he was not bad, but I don’t think I would say his INT numbers weren’t high in Toronto

Name Year Team Att Comp % Yards Long TD % Ints % Rating
BISHOP, M 2002 TOR 148 63 42.6 1,053 86 7 4.7 10 6.8 54.8
BISHOP, M 2003 TOR 20 8 40.0 215 58 1 5.0 2 10.0 55.2
BISHOP, M 2004 TOR 217 104 47.9 1,508 67 6 2.8 15 6.9 51.4
BISHOP, M 2005 TOR 61 31 50.8 416 33 3 4.9 4 6.6 61.9
BISHOP, M 2006 TOR 12 5 41.7 75 24 2 16.7 1 8.3 83.7
BISHOP, M 2007 TOR 355 185 52.1 2,920 73 22 6.2 11 3.1 87.5
BISHOP, M 2008 SSK 232 141 60.8 2,224 72 7 3.0 12 5.2 81.2
BISHOP, M 2008 TOR 42 19 45.2 326 52 3 7.1 1 2.4 86.0
BISHOP, M 2009 WPG 220 117 53.2 1,592 55 6 2.7 10 4.5 66.7
Career Total 1,307 673 51.5 10,329 86 57 4.4 66 5.0 71.

Here are Bishops stats for his CFL career. As you can see his year in Sask was 1 of his better years. His interception % is the lowest except for his 2007 year in Toronto. Also doing well in Winnipeg this year compared to his Toronto numbers.

....Released today.....probably signed as insurance by some other nfl club....Jeff is winding down his career :wink:

Most likely will sign on somewhere else

Toronto numbers prior to 2007 I was only called on to throw desperation hail Mary`s. Obviously you have never been a fan of mine or you would cut me some slack.

Toronto needed to attempt 450 hail mary passes over five years?