Jeff Garcia Released

8) Oakland Raiders have released Jeff Garcia !!
  Will he end up back in the CFL, at this point in his career  ???

   Will Mr. Kelly in Winnipeg be interested  ???

   Probably not !!  Garcia is too straight laced, and professional, and free on any criminal charges, to

   peak the interest of the Bummers  !!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I think he used to play for Calgary.

Yes He won the 98 Grey cup with them
The Following year we beat them

My bet is Toronto will make a run.

As much as I liked Jeff when he was in the CFL, another aging QB approaching 40 is not the answer for the Argos or any team.

I think he'll hang the cleats up at this point, I would if I were him, he's had an excellent career on both sides of the border.

Too old, too rich.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yeah, he has no reason to come play in the CFL. He's played long enough South of the border that he has a nice little pension. The CFL couldn't offer nearly enough money to make it worth it.

I'd like to see him back though. He'd be a good mentor to some young upcoming QB's.

Bad move by Oakland, he should have been their starter Russel is horrible, just another strong armed qb who cant read defences.

Based on what Garcia did last year im pretty sure someone will pick him up as a backup, my guess is new England

New England would be nice but I imagine he'd retire; he had a good career in the NFL & CFL. Unless he needs the money....

Yeah, but he's a gamer! A competitor! Doesn't need the money, but..... this type of guy NEEDS to challenge himself with sports obstacles.

Even though he comes off as a figure-skating soccer player without the uniform on, he's lion-hearted. He may just make a return to Canada; don't count him out! It'd be nice to see.

But Garcia wasn't there in 99. Dickenson was the QB then.

8) That's right !!! Garcia left after winning the Grey Cup in 98.

Maybe he is lion-hearted (there are lots of soccer players and figure skaters who are too), but that doesn't mean he has to prove it on the football field at this stage of his life. What makes you think he needs to have sports obstacles? Maybe he has other goals and opportunities. Whatever he does, I wish him good luck ans success.

I think the packers will pick up Garcia and he'll stay in the NFL...They just released their 3rd string QB and their second string is injured and has little to no experience. So the pack will probally sign Garcia as 2nd or 3rd string Qb. He's pretty expensive though