Jeff Garcia interested in Head Coach position with BC


[b]The Jeff Garcia Watch is in full effect here on the West Coast, as the Alouettes quarterbacks coach, who isn’t expected back in La Belle Province next season, could be in the running for the Lions’ vacant head coaching job, if not the offensive co-ordinator spot if Khari Jones is out.

Lions GM Wally Buono had Garcia as his quarterback in Calgary when they won the 1998 Grey Cup, and the former NFL Pro Bowler lives in California, which would put him closer to his wife and four children were he to end up in Vancouver.

“Would I consider it if Wally approached me or wanted to talk about it? I can’t say I would say no,? Garcia told the Calgary Sun’s Eric Francis.
“If I went to coach in Montreal as a quarterback coach, why wouldn’t I look at a head coaching job??[/b]

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I don't think Garcia is ready for a HC position yet. Look what happened to Dunigan in Calgary! Better for him to look at an OC spot, then maybe HC in 3 years or so if that works out.

Shouldn't even be talked about. The guy has been in coaching for half a season. Ridiculous.

Agreed. I like what Jeff did in Montreal but he is delusional if he thinks he can jump right into a head coaching position after a half-season as a position coach.

If I were Wally, I’d be careful here. A wrong or hasty hire could do serious damage to the franchise. Perhaps he should take over as HC with a two-year mandate, hire Garcia to be OC, and surround him with veteran offensive assistants who can help him adjust to his new role. After two years, if Garcia has done well, Wally can step aside and let Garcia take over as HC.

Yup. Liking LaPo a lot.....think he'd be a good fit out here.

Vancouver Province sports writers are talking about Hufnagel heading to BC for that head coaching job.

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If this was going to happen here is way it will play out.

Calgary will win the cup this Sunday ( not even close )

after the grey cup Dickenson will want to run the Stamps

Huff will step down and come to BC under Wally , Jeff G will be the OC , Huff will Coach for 3 years win a cup in BC, Jeff G will take over and be the future Coach of the lions Brailey is going to sell the team by the end of next year already confirmed. and get the Argos into BMO field.

I'm not sure Garcia is ready to take over as OC at this point in his career, but can you imagine what that would be like for him with both Wally and Huff looking over his shoulder? Brutal. Apparently that was one of the major problems this year with Wally never really handing over the reins to Mike Benevides. Farjan Lalji reported that Wally went so far as to call Khari Jones into his office to grill him about the QB situation. Like I said, brutal!!

Why not play QB while your at it, Jeffy?
It's only the CFL afterall.

Jeff has always really annoyed me... It has nothing to do with his lisp or anything like that either. He actually has the nerve to say that he dreams of winning the Super Bowl as a coach ,after half a season of pittling around with the Als....when he showed up to coach this season, he was openly talking about playing... . He is married to a former playboy model probably to reaffirm his machoness... Everything just seems so over the top with him. He isnt as annoying as Chris Jones, but ..HEY!!!! There we go!!! Put those two together!!!.lmao

Je ne vois pas Wally embaucher quelqu'un qui pourrait facilement prendre son boulot et faire un meilleur travail que lui à ce poste.

Le scénario que je vois pour Hufnagel est plutôt de se retirer comme entraîneur-chef après une prochaine Coupe Grey et de laisser Dickenson prendre l'équipe en mains. Ceci lui permettrait de se concentrer sur le travail de directeur-général des Stampeders jusqu'à une retraite bien méritée.

TRANSLATION: I do not see Wally hire someone who could easily take his job and do a better job than him in this position.

The scenario I see for Hufnagel is rather to retire as head coach after next Grey Cup and let Dickenson take the team in his hands. This would allow him to focus on the work of CEO Stampeders until his well deserved retirement.

100% agree; although I expect he would stick as GM as well, for a bit at least.

Garcia can't do much worse then the coaching in at least 3
Cities this year...

The only way this would happen is if Wally agreed to step down as GM. Huff would only come if he had total control, just as he insisted when he came to Calgary. I can't see Wally giving him total control so I can't see that happening.

I still think DD will be heading west.

This was all just hope by the bc media. huff stays in Calgary as GM. Red and white is in his blood. DD becomes head coach, still under watchful eye of huff. Why would either of them leave Calgary? the run the show,
Great team that's profitable, great stable ownership (flames own them).

Likely being the HC would be not realistic but an OC is possible with a HC and having another former CFL QB on the staff who has run offenses before would be helpful.
Montreal would have to think about how they will reshuffle their offensive staff. According to Popp, Shonert played a bigger role than most people think. had no CFL expereince but has had plenty of expereince as an OC.
Montreal was smart to grab him up when they did. Now that he is in the CFL a better paying job would be prefered. Althiugh really not his fault that Lulay could not come back but Jones may become the seconnd scape goat and return to the riders. Solving both the OC and QB coach situation.

There's no way Huf leaves Calgary to take on a lesser role in BC. That's just nonsense, plain and simple.