JEFF GARCIA FREE AGENT- Possible Offensive Coordinator?

At this rate knowing Jeff Garcia he is a FOOTBALL junkie--

Get rid of CHAPS and bring in GARCIA as offensive coordinator--------

Also who knows if Garcia is willing, I am sure if his BODY is healthy and he is PHYSICALLY ABLE with his 41 year OLD BODY, he could probably be better than LULAL and JACKSON although with REID and VALLI in there he may not want to play QB--

GARCIA is a PROVEN winners, knows our league, only with a WALLY coached team could a QB like Garcia could be considered for QUARTERBACK and offensive Coordinator--

I mentioned this in one of my earlier writeups and the idea was laughed at--- Wally knows Garcia, but as usual Wally is protecting his DUAL jobs and his HUGE SALARY which he receives---

Garcia would provide us with a GREAT experienced FOOTBALL mind- JEFF has played CFL, NFL , UFL, there is NO BETTER GUY FOR THE FUTURE but we are stuck with the DINOSAUR ERA and the SURREY RAMS and local CONNECTED hiring BS-
We need PRO LEVEL coaches-

Bring in Dave RITCHIE to coach the team--Jeff Garcia Offensive Coordinator-- Take the BEST AVAILABLE assistant Defensive coordinator off another team and LETS get back on track-- At least bring back DAVE RITCHIE to coach the defense and look into the NFL for a head coach- Hell GARCIA could be our COACH if he wanted to be--

I like the Look of those CONFIDENT experienced MEN walking the Lions sidelines WITH HEADSETS on lol. It would bring us back to REALITY and out of the SEMI pro coaching that we are receiving- It would be a great to have a COACHING staff that could make an INGAME adjustment-
The first 10 plays were scripted for the LIons and they scored a TD and looked like the Green Bay packers, after that well we know how winnipeg adjusted when the Lions didnt have any MORE SCRIPTED plays ready ..

Dave ritchie is one of the all time worst game time coaches.

Garcia has made so much money in NFL and has had a very good career already. Dont think that he would now want to come and risk his body for peanuts.

Only A SMALL And SIMPLE Mind Would Put Down A GREAT Coach Like DAVE RITCHIE!


Yet another miracle, fix for the Lions based on nothing more than a baseless wish.

And, again, if only Wally would wear a headset we'd be 6-1 instead of 1-6. Yeh, right.

If we only had the great and know it all Robawatsky as our coach lol--

It is fans like you that allow BRALEY to run this team like a complete joke.

"And, again, if only Wally would wear a headset we'd be 6-1 instead of 1-6. Yeh, right."

Hey, those coaches who are wearing head sets are only listening to iTunes during the game. And Hufnagel with his incessant note taking is actually working on sidoku and word search puzzles. Don't let these guys fool you.

I don't claim to know it all, which is why I don't offer simplistic solutions to complex problems.

DR was a great assistant coach, but his game time coaching sucked. One would actually have to understand the game to grasp that. When he was HC of the lions, it frustrated me more than Wally is frustrating now.

Dave Ritchie WON Us A GREY CUP In 1994! One would actually have to understand the game to grasp that.

Richie didnt win it, the players, specially darran and danny along with lui won it. How many other cups did Ritchie win in 14 years as HC?

You mean saving the team from folding? You mean providing stable ownership? You mean being a class act unlike some of our previous owners (like the Pez or Skalbania)?

I'm sorry, but I just don't see how Mr Braley could possibly be as bad an owner as you seem to think he is GG.

That and like mr Sawatsky, I don't understand your strange obsession with Wally wearing a headset. Please elaborate on that.

Wally's the only head coach in the league, at this time, who doesn't wear a headset. I think Gridiron Guru's objection is that it hampers his ability to communicate with his coaches in the booth, and disconnects him somewhat from the Xs and Os components of the game. I can't say I disagree either. Not wearing a headset might have been acceptable 10 or 20 years ago, but in today's CFL, you need to be detail-oriented at field level.

As I think about it, Wally's failure to challenge the Bruce 'fumble' (which was close enough to him being down by contact to warrant a challenge IMO) could have been in part due to the fact that info from the spotter's booth simply didn't reach him in time (because he doesn't wear a headset). That's just speculation on my part, though.

Maybe Wally should wear a headset. My issue isn't the headset itself but the idea that it is a major issue contributing to the success or failure of the team and the implied suggestion that wearing a headset (amongst other singular ideas) will result in a miracle change to the team.

I've got concerns about JC as OC, particularly after last game with new receivers in and now he decides to put all sorts of backfield motion in that results in guys getting in each others' way and even knocking the ball out of Harris' hands. As I said in another post, that game made Harris debut as a starter statistically a lot worse than it could or should have been; feel bad for a guy that has worked hard and deserved a shot then has his own couple of mistakes compounded by really destructive mess-ups by others.

You Are Going Blind! I Knew It! Since You Have To Type In LARGE Font! NO Head Coach Wins Games. We All Know That! Ritchie GUIDED Us To A GREY CUP In 1 Out Of The 3 Years He Was The HEAD COACH Here! Which Is The 2nd BEST Percentage In The History Of The Lions! "One Would Actually Have To Understand The Game To Grasp That!"

So this is the first Lions' game you've watched lately? I will never understand how our offence can be so complicated and yet so predictable at the same time.

Only Dave Dickenson could make JC's offence really work. Lulay can't seem to; neither can Ricky Ray, Jason Maas, Casey Printers, Buck Pierce, Jarious Jackson and a couple of third stringers.

This thread reminds me why i normally just look in the CFl forum. The word "derp" comes to mind...

South Deurne Netherlands?