Jeff Garcia eyes comeback at age 43

4X CFL all-star and Grey Cup MVP Jeff Garcia eyes comeback at age 43.
It seems doubtful NFL teams would be interested, although if Garcia considers the CFL as a swan song, perhaps Ottawa could use his expertise to mentor one of the young guns selected in the looming expansion draft.

[b] Four-time Pro Bowl quarterback Jeff Garcia wasn't kidding when he said he is open to making a comeback at 43.

"I look at guys like David Garrard (with the Jets) and Matt Hasselbeck in Indianapolis and those teams aren't expecting David or Matt to step on the field, but they're great mentors to young quarterbacks in the classroom," Garcia said. "So in a situation where you have a young, talented player like a Josh Freeman who has had success, I'd be open to a role similar to David and Matt's.

Garcia is a 12-year NFL veteran who last played in 2009 for the Philadelphia Eagles. He says he has stayed in peak condition working with -- and along side -- quarterbacks such as Mark Sanchez and JaMarcus Russell along with college and high school standouts.

Garcia, who serves as a twice-weekly NFL Network analyst, admits he'd be open to an NFL return and that it is not just some mid-life crisis.
"I've always had a competitive fire within that continues to burn. So it would be hard for me as a competitor to say, 'No,' '' Garcia said. "If that phone rings, I'd say, 'Hey, what flight can I jump on?'

"I'm realistic about it all. I'm not expecting anything.
"I'm not trying to start fires out there.
"But if you look at situations around this league, I can help a young quarterback out.''

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Looking to make some ezzy Cassshhh there Jeff :lol:

From the article it doesn't sound like Jeff is looking to play the game but help the next generation with their game, either he wants a fat NFL paycheque to hold a clipboard, or maybe he is looking at it as a step to see if he wants to get into coaching, and is hoping to get some attention. Either way it doesn't sound like he isn't looking to strap on his cleats and throw the ball for any teams in the CFL.

So its not about the challenge of mentoring young QB's. Its about the paycheck :wink: Never liked him, great QB but that's where it stops.

Don't Really Want to be a Vagabond!!!!!.......Seriously JEFF?????? :roll: :roll: :? 9 Different Teams,3 Different Leagues...Did I miss anybody??? :lol: :cowboy:


You know...I"m actually getting real tired of people going around saying "Perhaps Ottawa could use him...."

Its already clearly been pointed out by the REDBLACKS football operations that we we won't be a haven for castoffs or guys long past their prime. We're not a dumping ground just because we don't have an actual roster yet..

Plus we already know who the REDBLACKS' QBs will be: Glenn and Collaros!

I think any team would benifit from him being part of the organization. Maybe not as a QB at this point, but as a mentor...a QB coach or offensive assistant. I'd take him in a heartbeat. Talent aside, he has solid work ethic, is a heck of a nice guy to be around, and is interested in giving back to the community. I'm a little bias because I have known Jeff for about 20 years, but I stand by my thoughts on him.

Minimum salary would be around 900k. He would be making more than the OC.


I agree. Ottawa should NOT go after Jeff Garcia. The RedBlacks should get a more experienced fiery leader like Joe Kapp!!

We don't need this guy in the CFL.

sure...minimum for a 43 y/o QB who has not taken a snap in 3 years. I am going out on a limb and saying he won't be getting a pile of offers for a roster spot...he might as some sort of coach though. He is interested in being around the is not the primary motivator here.

I watch Jeff almost daily on the NFL Network,he seems to have found his post game niche as an anaylst of the game,I seriously think that he's making more of a statement of the quality of Q.B's that have jobs in the league,than vying for a comeback attempt out of retirement.I have to admit that they're are many great young Q.B's in the NFL right now,but just as many that are god awful,and make one's scratch their head as to how they can be employed in football at all.

What worries me more is Trestman coming here and jacking on of our QB's and having the NFL come and pickover our guys...

Why all the hate for Garcia ?????? People need to grow up,if he wants to try a come back , why not ? What does it hurt anybody ????? I'm guessing some are upset that he only mentioned returning to the NFL and not the CFL .