Jeff Garcia an Argonaut

I'd love to see it but at 39 and a salary of around 400k it would have to be for the shear enjoyment of playing.

lol, it will never happen

:o He's 39? Wow... I didn't think he was that old. When I first heard the Raiders cut him, I thought, "Why?" I thought they should've done what the Ti-Cats are doing. Keep JaMarcus "Future Bust" Russell as the starter, but if he struggles, bring in Garcia. It seems to be working for the Ti-Cats. ... But now that I know he's 39, nevermind. :lol:

He should just retire... and take Brett Favre with him.


This just in from Marty York: " the CFL announced there will be a Seniors CFL League next year and the following singings have occured

  1. Joe Barnes signs with the Riders
  2. Warren Moon with the ESKS
  3. Joe Kapp with the Leos
  4. Peter Liske with the Stamps
  5. Kenny Ploen with the Bombers
  6. ANgelo Mosca with the Ti-Cats
  7. Wally Buono with the Als!!

Riders Rule! :smiley:

And Marty has appointed himself as senior VP of operations for the league. :wink:

The Blue Bombers have confirmed that they are not interested in the services of Jerry Garcia as they prefer AC/DC.

....the Raiders cut Garcia?....haha, fools, who's going to be there to remind them now how to put their helmets on right?...for that, the Raiders will suck this year again, Garcia was one of the few that has any heart on that squad....

Packers are interested...

Where did anyone get the idea that the Argonauts or Garcia are an item? Shouldn't the release of Dominique Dorsey be of far more interest to Argo fans?

I think HfxTC was just sharing a fantasy of his. As for Dorsey being released, didn't he just run all over the Colts last night? I had to stop watching midway through. It was just too painful... :? The Bengals rushed for 294 yards. Nice to see the Colts run defence has improved this year... :roll: