Jeff Blair in the Globe calls the Argos 'barbarians'

A bit too tough for you eh Jeff real football. What a laugh:

The rest of us: the hope that the same sports gods that kept the barbarians (read: Argonauts) away from our precious BMO Field this past week can keep Dana White and the UFC out of Toronto. Let the lowest common denominator types visit some place else.

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Talk about effete snob...

eh, whatever.. Globe and Mail is a place for Losers to work at. so I could care less what he thinks.

Yup, I don't think this guys thinks his you-know-what stinks.

And all you've done is inflate his ego by posted his article here. Now it's going to receive hundreds of hits, and he's going to think, "Hey, a lotta people read this. I guess people care what I think. Maybe I should write more articles like this one."

People need to stop posting these articles...

I suppose you're right Chief. :oops:

I'm sure Chief is right. Morons like Blair love being reacted too. Too bad he he doesn't support a sport that matters in North America.

Now that fellow writer and CFL big basher Stephen Brunt is off to the Vancouver games and therefore will take a "bashing break" the baton has been passed to this idiot Blair.

For a minute I figured the article was about Polo LOL ! Then I realised the moron was talking about the worls #1 peasant sport.


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. And there is a reason for that. Outdoor ice rinks don't last in half the world. bottom's mainly popular in countries where there is nothing else to do. In North America, we have hockey, baseball, lacrosse, golf, curling, and of course, football.

Considering the problems with soccer hooliganism worldwide and some of the incredibly idiot things soccer players have done on the field (remember the guy who headbutted an opponent), does anyone else find it ironic that this guy is calling the Argos barbarians?

Yeah the irony is thick. That’s for sure. Weren’t there some soccer related mini-riots in T.O. a couple of years ago, involving a teams from South America? I can’t remember if there has ever been a gridiron football riot. I kind of doubt it. Even the bad-as-they-come Raider fans don’t riot.

Good point about the riots and soccer. I wonder if Blair would agree the word 'hooligans' and soccer fit quite nicely.

would you expect anything less from a white trash news reporter that writes for a trashy newspaper.

Uhh...Dave Naylor writes for the Globe, and he's probably the best CFL journalist out there.

Let's see, if Blair thinks football is barbaric, I wonder what he thinks of hockey and the Bertuzzi and Cormier type affairs? What'ca think there Jeffy? I know you're a baseball nut Jeffy, check out on wiki all the defunct baseball teams in Canada, wow, what a growing spectator sport baseball is becoming in Canada. 8)

If he's a baseball fan, I'm sure he's seen his share of barbaric happenings involving that sport.