jeese palmer

ok there was an article in the sun about ottawa looking to get jeese palmer. So has he been relesed by the giants or something?

Yes. And here's your Ottawa Citizen's said article:

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Palmer refused a 600 000 $ offer from the 'Gades without even playing a snap in the CFL...that's pathetic ! Guys like Dickenson, Printer, Calvillo, Ray & Mass are worth much more than him !

He's better off in the NFL as a 3rd string and holding a clipboard the rest of his career.

Anyway his rights will have to be dealt from Montreal since they "own" him.

I really dont get that one, Montreal has his rights, so wouldnt you have to swing a deal with Montreal for his rights before you offer the guy $600K.......

We need good Canadian offensive linemen not a Canadian QB who is not mobile and hasn't played Canadian rules since his HS days.

Common Renegades... the last thing we need right now is another Dexter Manly media stunt.

Just deal with what is needed to improve the team. When this team starts winning the seats will be full!

This city is not football stoopid

screw jesse palmer, he's useless as t!ts on a bull. We should work on picking up a middle linebacker.