Jeepers, I had to start a new thread. Its the big game!

Come on people! I keep coming to talk about the big game, but no new threads, whats with that? So I have to get the ball rolling myself. This could be the make or break game of the season! Bombers win and its a tie for 2nd place. Bombers lose and they are back 2 games. Bombers lose and it could be the end, I mean back 2 games of Hamilton, chasing Edmonton and BC as well.

Bombers have to win today, or its probably back to finger pointing and the negative articles etc. Yes Bombers can still lose and maybe make the playoffs, it would be better to win today and lose next week.

Go Bombers

here`s a good article on the game importance

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Yes...Bishop's big chance to fish or cut bait, lead us into the playoffs or out of them...maybe Glenn's chance to stick it to us again, or maybe the reverse...lots riding on it for sure.

This game is Winnipeg's season.

If Hamilton wins, the Ticats have the tiebreaker between these two teams, meaning Winnipeg would have to win 3 of their last 4 games (two of which are against Montreal, and one of which is against my Ticats), and Hamilton would have to lose all of their remaining four games (which isn't going to happen).

And remember, the Eskimos have Toronto twice to close out the year, which means the can still beat out the Bombers for the crossover.

I am rooting for Winnipeg to beat the Eskimos out, because I would like nothig better than for my Ticats to crush the Bombers in the playoffs at Ivor Wynne.

OSKIEEEE WEEE WEE OSKIEE WAA WAAA!!! HOLIE MACKINA!!TIGERS EAT EM RAW! I hope this is a close and good game but with my tabbies comming out on top! This is a REALLY important game for bouth teams and im really looking forward to Cats Vs Spy’s game :slight_smile:

Ticats are my second team, if for some reason Bombers do not make the playoffs(GOD FORBID) I will root for Ticats. I would hope that both Bombers and Ticats make the playoffs! Ticats could survive the loss today, Bombers may not? Lets be fair guys for the sake of the East, can`t we all agree that it would be best if Bombers win this one game? Ticats will bounce back next week :rockin:

...I just hope its a well played,clean game...and the refs. keep their flags in their pocket....Big game for the Bombers....a win puts a whole new light on the play-off race...GoBigBlue... :thup: :rockin: :rockin: .

Bombers vs. Ticats in the east semi-final :o
Epic much?
It would have to be in Hamilton though :lol: