Jealous of BMO Field

Went to my first TFC game yesterday and I must say what a joy it was to be there, besides it being a great game the crowd, atmosphere, and stadium were amazing to watch a game in. There's not a bad seat in the house and you can feel the excitement all around you during the whole 90 minutes. The crowd was 20,500 but the place was rocking louder than IWS when we have 21,000. This is probably the reason the CFL team from T.O. doesn't draw that well when you can go down the Gardiner and see a TFC game for virtually the same price (paid $25 a ticket to sit at the top of sec. 110), if I lived in T.O. I'd be a much larger TFC fan than a doubleblue fan thats for sure.

ROTFL. You're kidding right. That place is a soccer field with temporary bleachers. As for the crowd, never, I repeat never will I go there BECAUSE of the crowd.

Yes, and construction costs of just $62.5M!! I haven't been there, but seriously, that kind of figure has to be taken into account whenever anyone talks about renovating IWS. A portion of that could be recovered through naming rights.

As for the need to accommodate a track for the Pan-Am Games, Percival Molson Stadium does a pretty good job:

Notice how steep the stands are on the north side (left side of this picture). This gives a terrific view from almost everywhere.


Good post, Red! Since I have never been to Molson Stadium, I wasn't even aware there was a track around the field, although, I have likely seen it a thousand times on the tube without paying particular attention to it.

Your photo shows well that if the seating is properly banked, you can still be close to the field. I like this!

Percival Molson Stadium doesn't have a legal track. Its WAAAAAAY too small. Using that stadium as a model to the Pan Am Stadium proposal is a joke on 2 levels. Percival Molson Stadium has only 4 lanes as opposed to 8 required for the games AND the steep stands cannot be put in on either side of the 15,000 seater without completely tearing out the 6,000 seat half and adding milions to the already proposed $50M upgrade. The city can't afford the $50M share of the games let alone another $50M on upgrades needed to turn that monstrosity into a CFL sized stadium and you want to add to the price :roll:

ticats4life, the problem I have with going to a soccer game is it's just that, soccer, I can't stand watching the game and I don't care if every person in the house is holding hands, swaying back and forth and waving ribbons, and you can hear every accent under the sun, it's still soccer at the end of it. I don't understand the game from a spectator point of view, great skills to play and that and I'd have my kid play it in a heartbeat. Bit I have no intentions of ever going to BMO unless it's for gridiron football, that's my kind of football and I don't need to be waving ribbons to enjoy a CFL game, thank goodness.

And with all the "excitement" of TFC soccer, why are their TV rating horrible when they are in a playoff hunt? I don't get that either for such a large multicultural city like Toronto with a team in the hunt for a playoff spot and I think they got some 83,000 TV viewer rating recently. That tells me something.

You'd be a much larger fan than for the Argos if you lived in Toronto? Why is that, because everyone is having a lovefest at BMO for TFC? But you actually prefer gridiron over soccer? Whatever.

Good point regarding the 4 lane track vs an official 8 lane track. I failed to pick up on that little tidbit in the photo.
This being the case, the Pan Am stadium, if built here, would have to find a way to compensate for the track. Many of us have already submitted proposals for this in other threads; not that anyone important has taken note.

Not only is it illegal the sightlines for the 4 lane track they do have are horrendous. It appears to be a 6 foot drop from the front row directly down to the track. That being the case I'll bet you can't even see most of the track from anywhere but the front row, much like a basketball building cannot be converted to a hockey rink without a ton of obstructed view seats

If you have ever been in the new Varsity Stadium, they have the same problem. I was at the Festival of Excellence and for the sprints you pretty much have an obstructed view of lanes 7 & 8. If people stand up for a better view then lanes 5 - 8 are effectively blocked. I was really disappointed in the stadium as a good T & F facility. As far as football is concerned; I have yet to make it to a Varsity Blues game, but from what I saw, I'll remember to bring my telescope.

As far a BMO, I'll have to reserve judgment until I actually attend a event in it. I have walked around it and from what I could see, I think the place would be hell on earth for a cold & wet football game. I can imagine sitting there, soaked and freezing and looking longingly at that big white dome to the east and asking "What the hell are we doing playing here!"

Earl: Well said sir!!!
Soccer may be a great game to play .....but it's way too boring for me to watch.
So few goals are scored it's no wonder the fans go crazy whenever somebody finally scores. It's such a rare event that the roar of the crowd is needed to wake the rest of us up.
But rugby and the CFL...that's more like it!!! :thup:

I'm wondering if there is a stadium that AKT does actually like ....

Thanks mr62 and yes, I have to start watching more rugby when it's on and learn the game more, awesome looking game for sure! Especially since it forms the roots of our football in Canada.

Ivor Wynn is a GREAT place to watch a game.
If anyone complains about our stadium as being a bad place to watch a game they have never been to other football venue's....Skydome comes to mind.


I have played both. I played rugby in school.... and when I was in the RCAF at Rockcliffe in Ottawa in the early 60's we had our own Grey Cup game..East v West. 
 Well.....sort of. We (the East) played the station at  Uplands (now the Ottawa Airport) which represented the West. Yeah ....thats a  stretch... but all had a great time!  We practiced for months. Our uniforms and equipment came from a couple of Ottawa high schools.

The East won! Never played football after that. Still have the photo with our own "Grey Cup".
A couple of guys on our team had played a lot before and tried out for the Ottawa Rough Riders. Both made it to the pre-season but that's all.
Great memories. :smiley:


I've been to 3 TFC games and my first impression was much like that of the original poster.

What 'ticats4life86' hasn't considered is the nature of the respective sports. Soccer is a continuous game where the fans can dance and sing regardless of what may be happening on the field.

Gridiron football is an episodic sport built around the suspense of the preset play. As a savvy fan you shouldn't and won't yell, cheer or sing during your team's huddle. Conversely, you will lose a lung screaming when your defense is on the field.

Where I disagree with 'ticats4life86' is that their 20,000 are louder than our 21,000. When the game is on the line, and the defense is on the field, Ivor Wynne is a deafening place.

So yes, we football fans aren't as consistently vocal as the soccer fans, but that's for reasons pertaining to the nature of the respective games.

That has to be considered.

Good read joedav. I think what bugs me, if you will, is how all we seem to hear about the TFC experience is the best there is in Toronto compared with anything else etc., is that this doesn't seem to be followed up by true fans with the low TV ratings for the team. Something is amiss here to me and this seems to be a Canadian first I would say of what types of sports fans for the MLS Canadians are even with all the excitement of games at BMO and 15,000 on the waiting list and all that. I'm not exactly sure what is going on with this MLS thing. I mean we are talking about a team that was very close to their first playoff experience in Canada's largest city with lots of crazed soccer fans, I would have thought TV ratings would be at least double what they were last time I checked in with the 83,000 mark.

I haven't been to that many but I like IWS University of Kentucky, Yale Bowl. Hated Skydome. Commonwealth is bad. Montreal looks good for football although I've never been.

After the Cat win today I'm going to drive my car around town , beeping my horn and waving my Cat flag. :rockin:

Ok fair enough seems by seeing your posts if it isn't IWS it's garbage ......

Hamilton needs a new one .. if they are just going to remake a new same style IWS then don't bother.
Guess i've been here in the south too long.. cause now IWS is starting to look like a high school field to me so small... but needs to be smaller a 20,000 seater that looks more modern would be awesome for the cats who cares if there is a track build it right the tracks could just become the sidelines anyways like ALOT of stadiums down here do ......