Je ne pas Francais . . . but who cares?

At least one Montreal Allouettes game per year should be televised and broadcast only in French.
Sure it seems extreme but c'mon! This is Canada! Let's use this bilingualism thing.
After all, this is the LCF!

First though we have to start another Bilingualism & Bicultural Commission, the old fashioned Canadian way, just to see it it's feasible. Should be a go at a few million dollars, recession doesn't count for these types of commissions I wouldn't think. :lol:

They already do,it's called RDS.They do 9 games plus playoffs in french Why would two channels do the same game in french ? What purpose would it serve that 3/4 of your viewers wouldn't understand the broadcast. I don't think the sponsors would be all that happy.
So any Canadian that wants do to the " bilingualism thing " can turn their channel to RDS or order it in their cable package.

My last two TVs have the SAP (Second Audio Programming) function on them. Back in the 90’s, I thought that this was going to be the future of TV and that there would be bilingual broadcasts on the separate audio channel but it never panned out.

OK then!
But it should be
Je ne suis pas français

As a kid (when there were only 3 English channels available, and all of them were the epitome of puritanism) I used to watch the late night movies on the CBC French channel because they occasionally showed boobies.

Merci Beaucoup!

How insightful.

Huh, right...Used to... :oops:


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: