JC to be in rider green

Clermont agrees to deal with Roughriders


Globe and Mail Update

December 12, 2008 at 12:58 AM EST

VANCOUVER — Jason Clermont, an early present on the CFL free-agent market, is staying home this Christmas.

The Regina resident, and former B.C. Lions slotback, has an agreement in principle with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Late Thursday night, Clermont told other CFL teams that he has decided to sign with Saskatchewan. The Calgary Stampeders and Toronto Argonauts had also been in chase.

Clermont, a former University of Regina standout, was twice named the league's most outstanding Canadian player during his seven seasons in Vancouver. He was named the league's best rookie in 2002, and the best Canadian in the 2004 Grey Cup game.

Clermont, 30, was released last week, in part because he was due a $94,000 roster bonus on Jan. 1, and stood to make roughly $180,000 in 2009. Lions general manager and head coach Wally Buono also said the team was changing offensive philosophies and wanted faster receivers.

I wonder how long it will take for Olympia Sports to get Clermont name plates and the #82 in? Whoooooo Hoooo!!! Holy crap what a receiving corp we will have in 09.

Well I guess that means the end of the Flick era. I would think it came down to choosing between the 2 for Tillman. Yea I get the Canadian thing, but Flick is an elite receiver that will now be gone. Clermont better be able to contribute 3 times what Getzlaff would have, given Getzlaff is also Canadian, and now we have no Flick. I don't see a major improvment here other than P.R. wise.

Well, there are a couple things:

  1. Size - Clermont is a horse, and generally speaking bigger is better.

  2. Canadian - we could (and probably will) go with three Canadian slots next year - Clermont, Fantuz and Getzlaff. That will mean an extra import starter at another position - either on the O or D line, or, my current pick, which would be to start James Patrick at safety.

Correct me if I am wrong, but do things always seem to work out for Eric Tillman??

Merry Christmas Eric, from Wally Buono.

It's official:
(leader Post)

REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. this afternoon when they will officially announce the signing of slotback Jason Clermont.

As reported on leaderpost.com Thursday evening, Clermont, a Regina product, and the team had come to an agreement in principle at that time. The 29-year-old will put his name to a new contract today.

The former Usher Unicorns and University of Regina Rams star was cut loose by the B.C. Lions on Dec. 3 after spending the first seven years of his career on the West Coast.

Since then, Clermont drew the attention of five teams, but there was always much speculation he would sign with his hometown Roughriders. He and his wife are expecting a second child and Clermont also works as a realtor in the city.

Clermont was drafted fourth overall by the Lions in the 2002 CFL draft and went on to become the league’s rookie-of-the-year at season’s end. He was named the most outstanding Canadian in the CFL in 2004 and again in 2007. He also won the top Canadian award in the 2004 Grey Cup, a game the Lions lost to the Toronto Argonauts. Clermont went on to win a Grey Cup ring with the Lions in 2006.

Despite missing three games due to injury in 2008, Clermont finished the season with 50 catches for 640 yards and three touchdowns. He was released by the Lions in a move that trimmed salary and would allow the team to use Paris Jackson as an inside receiver

I am delighted that Jason Clermont is coming to the 'riders. I am saddened that this will mean that D.J. Flick will most likely not return to the 'riders. D.J. Flick is a veteran receiver with generally good hands and speed. Clermont has more reliable hands and is a better blocker than Flick (and bigger of course). Flick is definitely faster than Clermont.

Did the 'riders upgrade at slotback? Yes and only because Clermont is Canadian and that frees up another roster position for a starting import.

The 'riders could have 3 Canadians starting at receiver next season. Now that is what I call ratio busting...

[quote="neilca"]It's official:
(leader Post)

REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. this afternoon when they will officially announce the signing of slotback Jason Clermont.

Will the press conference be on the radio? Because I would like to listen to it.

An early christmas gift for all of Rider nation woo!

I agree, although I am not yet convinced entirely it will be Flick. I think Matty D. may just either pack it in on his own, or ET will do it for him, he can't take another injury. Having said that (my most obvious speculation), I wouldn't be surprised if something happens to Szarka soon either.

Too bad it took sooooo long for Clermont to wear Rider Green!! Glad it FINALLY happened!!! Clermont and Fantuz...a DEADLY non-import tandem...the BEST in the CFL ...bar none!!

I think that D.J. Flick will not be signed because he was a slot back and the 'riders are very deep there now without him. I also think that Matt Dominguez will not be resigned either, because of his history of injuries.

Chris Szarka is irrelevant to me. I think he is way over rated but we, as fans tend to remember that he had that one good year back when he had that one good year. I know he is popular with a lot of fans but popularity does not always mean that someone is still good for the team. It will please me to have the 'riders release Szarka so I no longer have to listen to some fans crying out "give the ball to Szarka more!" As I have noticed in the last couple of years, the blocking fullback is being used less and less by CFL teams. If they want someone extra to come out and block, then they tend to send out a backup O' lineman with the official announcing into the microphone "number ** is reporting in as eligible." Neil Hughes and Stu Foord will adequately replace Szarka offensively. If the 'riders want a blocking fullback then go after free agent Jeff Piercy who is also a local boy. He is younger and may even be cheaper than Szarka.

It is funny to see the speculation running around now....flick will be gone....matty d will be gone.....szarka will be gone.

But given the riders were able to resign a number of players last year and will be able to sign a number of players this year. We will likely still have a strong team.

Here are a couple of predictions....Durant will sign but his base should be significantly lower then Marcus's starting last year. The reason and even Durant has to accept this, Durant isn't the declared starter. He will get a raise for moving up from 3rd to at least 2nd. However, I suspect his starting pay will be performance based (i.e. so many starts, so many wins, etc). Tillman isn't stupid he doesn't want to pay $200+ base salary for someone to sit on the bench. Should also note the riders will likely again have the lowest starting qb salary in the league, likely by $100k at least.

In terms of szarka, yes we have the young guys and they were good at running. But neither Hughes or Foord have the size to stand back there and take the hits. Add to that, just because szarka signed last year doesn't mean he signed to big dollars. I suspect on the role he played in the Austin offensive scheme he signed for less then what he signed for previously.

Just based on the injury to matty d, I suspect he will be asked to retire or re-do any bonuses until after training camp.

I don't see the riders sending flick packing, I believe he will be invited back and if the leg can handle it they will find a position for him.

It’s not a matter of sending Flick anywhere. He’s a free agent, he can sign wherever he wants.

Anybody know the terms of the deal? How many years he signed for?

artie....I think if you had read the other posts they did imply flick wouldn't be back because the team didn't want him. An example of what they are saying is similar to Reggie Hunt being sent packing because he didn't get a legitmate offer, despite wanting to stay in the green and white. Or he won't be offered anything at all.

What I said, is I suspect that flick will be resigned and will be back in green and white.

I agree that flick can sign anywhere he wants, but I am hoping as player he wants to stay in sask.

Why the hell does everyone think Flick needs to go and that he is bad, he played 2 games the whole year, and he was amazing in 2007.

Great news! All we need now is a quarterback who can run the offence and find JC.
Tillman now has an import birdie and should use it to find a pass rusher. Let's hope there's another Cameron Wake out there.

Nobody thinks Flick is bad. We think he may not be able to recover from a serious injury that has ruined careers before.

So how does saying Flick is an elite receiver get misconstrued to meaning he is bad. Elite means above average. I am devastated that we will likely lose him. I still say that one catch, in the home opener I think, in 2007 for a T.D. was the best catch I have ever seen in Football, and he was a MAJOR reason we were champs in 07. That said, and if he does go, I hope he goes back to Hamilton, he would be a great help for them and Was a fan fav there before. You have to remember it is as much up to him as it is to Tillman, as he is a free agent. I think he will look at the depth chart and see Fantuz, Clermont, Dressler, Geltzlaf and think maybe he is not needed here. I hope to heck he gets talked into taking a wideout spot and stays, but I doubt it.

I think it is 2+1