JC to be in rider green

Let's hope, for Rider fans, there are a few ducats left in the kitty to re-sign all those free agents now. And let's not forget about the QB position either. It's not like "The Extra Terrestrial" had any choice in this now.

Tillman is good with numbers and I suspect that he wouldn't have shot himself in the foot with this deal. I doubt Clermont is going to be making his 185 thousand a year; he probably signed for peanuts as his family and real estate career is in Saskatchewan. Tillman isn't a moron and left money to re-sign key players.

Wait to see if he signs Mo Lloyd before deciding that he isn’t a moron.

Good linebackers seem to be a dime a dozen. There is tons of talented linebackers down south, and we have good players such as Renauld Williams itching to get a shot. Mo Lloyd is no doubt a great player, but I wouldn't break the bank to bring him back. Linebacker is the least of our concerns in my opinion.

Mo Lloyd is now the best linebacker in the CFL. I think he is a more important piece that Clermont is.

I thought that I posted a new topic with this link but what ever. Its official.

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Clermont+signs+contract+with+Roughriders/1067606/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Clermo ... story.html[/url]

A dime a dozen? Yet we have waited 30 years to get a MLB as good as Mo. He is the single most important player we need to sign. If we need to make him the highest paid defensive player in the league, then do it. Clermont was a free agent today, so we needed to get that done. But no way was a Canadian receiver a priority. If we have Clermont, but don't sign Mo and Anton, then ET has screwed up.

Big signing for the green guys, injuried but if he is healthy enough, his work ethic and toughness to get the ball might be enough to really propel you guys back to the promised land. We'll see.

I know it's off topic to be talking about LBs here.......but you guys have a star in Lloyd and would be well advised to keep him.

I do think LBs are fairly plentiful (perhaps not dime a dozen plentiful, perhaps, but plentiful)......but that is mainly OLBs; the skill set required for MLB is different, and just because one is a good OLB doesn't necessarily mean you can play MLB...cases in point Reggie Hunt and JoJuan Armour.......both are stellar OLBs, but not nearly as effective in the middle.

I do think MLB is one of the weaker spots across the league, and you've got one of the best (and Winnipeg seems to have all the others, having stockpiled Moreno, Simpson, and Lobendahn).

.....Simpson being the only one that 'could' be on the block...Moreno and Lobendahn aren't going anywhere...
One thing that mystifies me about the signing of Claremont is....Why would you go after another receiver so-hard, when you are knee deep in them and light in other positions....especially at qb. Having all the best receivers in the world doesn't equate to much...when you can't get the ball to them?????Oh well I guess Tilman knows what he's doing....he's come up smelling like roses before....but if he doesn't sign Durant (Wpg, will be knocking on his door)...he might have a little egg on his face in 09.. :lol:

And by "that" I mean than.

Over the past 7 or 8 seasons we have let key pieces go on our defense and still manage to have one of the top defensive units in the league. I suspect nothing will change this year if Mo Llyod isn't re-signed. It would be a huge bonus to bring him back, but I stand by what I said. There is tons of talent south of the border; you can always find somebody bigger, stronger and faster. I suspect that if ET doesn't re-sign any of the linebackers he will have a suitable replacement waiting in the wings. And as for Arius' comment about not being able to find a suitable linebackers over the past thirty years or so, we haven't been able to find alot of players during that time not just middle linebackers. That is due to poor scouts, and horrible general managers not due to the lack of talent. The bigger loss to our defense would be if Ritchie Hall goes elsewhere. He always seems to fit players well into our defensive system.

Losing Mo Lloyd is not an option.

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I see the odd man out as Dominguez. Much as I like him, he and his salary will be gone to make room for Cleremont.
All-Canadian receivers - how cool is that!!!
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As much as I am happy that JC is a Rider, I dont see him as a go to guy. I see him more along the lines of a possession receiver. Of course , it will depend on who is throwing the ball to him this year too. It looks like the QB job is Durant's. There will be a ton of pressure on him (Durant), more so than any other player on the roster. Let's hope he can handle that pressure.

Jasons salary is only 115k/year. Time for MD to retire, let Flick go to free agencey, and cut Grant and Palmer. We have great potiental in our canadian recievers and could end up with 3 playing perminantly by the end of the season. That would place 2 imports elsewhere where we can use them.

I am little concerned since they need to get Durant and all or atleast 2/3 LBs back

Madjack....Reggie Hunt had a great year in Montreal playing middle. He played outside for sask but moved inside with Montreal.

While I am concerned that the riders need to sign their line backers, we do have a few in the stable that can do the job. So I am not as worried about that one.

I find it interesting so much is being made about Jason Clermont being Canadian and the riders don't need more Canadian recievers. The fact that he is Canadian is a bonus. Saying we didn't need to sign another Canadian makes it sound like he is somehow inferior to what is out there.

The only question that should be asked about this signing is he good enough to replace any of the existing guy we have under contract as a starter. That includes, Dressler, Matt D, Flick, Fantuz, Grant, etc. I think he upgrades the team significantly. While I hope Matt D and Flick will be back next season. I have some doubts about Matt D. I believe Flick will be resigned and it will be a question about his leg if he is good to go.

I get the feeling Flick will be gone. I'd like to keep him, I always liked him even when he wasn't a Rider. He may end up signing for a considerably less amount of money but indications are he won't he back.
In my mind MD is gone. Even if he ends up on the team the fact is he's injury prone and probably wouldn't make it past the 3rd or 4th game if he even makes it out of TC.

A guy like Clermont is not a dime a dozen. He is one of the top players at his position in the game and in the very least the Riders are dealing from a position of strength when it comes to Canadian receivers. Now let's get Durant, Lloyd and McKenzie signed!! :thup: