JC to be in rider green

Tim Switzer, Canwest News Service Published: Thursday, December 11, 2008

REGINA – The Saskatchewan Roughriders appear to be close to signing free-agent slotback Jason Clermont.

It is believed the two sides have come to an agreement, it is just a matter of making it official. A signing may occur in the next day or two and an announcement could come as early as Friday.

Clermont and Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman were not tipping their hands.

“Jason and I had another very productive conversation, and, yes, it’s fair to say things are progressing nicely,” Tillman said when reached on Thursday evening. “We plan to speak again later [Thursday night], and probably again [Friday]. Beyond saying that, let’s just let the story unfold as it may.”

Clermont met briefly with Tillman on Thursday before the GM had to head off to a Christmas party. Clermont said the two plan to meet again Friday although he did not know what that meeting would entail.

“I’m really happy with the discussions we’ve had and I hope to get something done in the next little bit here,” said Clermont, who has at least one other offer on the table.

Asked when he wants to have things resolved, Clermont replied: “As soon as possible. As soon as it’s comfortable for me and the team if that’s what it comes to.”

Since being released by the B.C. Lions on Dec. 3, Clermont has drawn the attention of five teams with contract offers coming from the Calgary Stampeders and his hometown Roughriders. The Toronto Argonauts, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Edmonton Eskimos also expressed some interest.

Clermont was raised in Regina and starred for the University of Regina Rams before being selected fourth overall by the Lions in the 2002 CFLdraft.

A sure-handed and tough-as-nails receiver, Clermont was named the league’s rookie-of-the-year in 2002 and was named the CFL’s most outstanding Canadian in 2004 and 2007. He was also named the top Canadian in the 2004 Grey Cup game.

During his seven years with the Lions, Clermont maintained his home in Regina where he lives with his family and works as a realtor.

Clermont said the impact on his other occupation would not dictate what he did with his football career. The 29-year-old planned to sit down with his family and make a decision together.

Regina Leader-Post

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Clermont agrees to deal with Roughriders


Globe and Mail Update

December 12, 2008 at 12:58 AM EST

VANCOUVER — Jason Clermont, an early present on the CFL free-agent market, is staying home this Christmas.

The Regina resident, and former B.C. Lions slotback, has an agreement in principle with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Late Thursday night, Clermont told other CFL teams that he has decided to sign with Saskatchewan. The Calgary Stampeders and Toronto Argonauts had also been in chase.

Clermont, a former University of Regina standout, was twice named the league's most outstanding Canadian player during his seven seasons in Vancouver. He was named the league's best rookie in 2002, and the best Canadian in the 2004 Grey Cup game.

Clermont, 30, was released last week, in part because he was due a $94,000 roster bonus on Jan. 1, and stood to make roughly $180,000 in 2009. Lions general manager and head coach Wally Buono also said the team was changing offensive philosophies and wanted faster receivers.

Fantastic news!

Fantastic news for everyone except SSK! I still don't know why you would take a chance on an aging veteran who has been hurt the last few seasons and takes way too many big hits over the middle.

I don't see him playing all 18 games. The Roughriders have some great young receivers, I don't see why you would want to sign a guy who is over 30 and will likely retire after 2 years.

The BC Lions are making all the right moves this offseason. Getting rid of veterans who cost too much and replacing them with younger, cheaper free agents who will fit into their system.

…WOW…what a surprising turn of events… :lol:

Tiger Dirt, look at it this way: due to salary cap constraints, Clermont may in fact replace DJ Flick, meaning a Canadian starter for an import, which is good. Clermont is 29, Flick will be 29 by the start of camp. Flick is smaller, and is himself coming off a serious injury, and based on how his leg was at the end of the season, is no lock to ever be the same guy he was in 2007. So really, in that light, it’s a no-brainer for the Riders, even leaving out the boost of signing a local.

who will set lose then to Be FA..
I know flick is free

I don't think Flick will be back since there really isn't room for him now and he is a FA, this is really too bad he was a really key player for us last year during the GC run. I don't think we will see Matt D in a Riders jersey or anyother for that matter his knees are done, this is probably worse than any of the others since he is one of the major leaders on that team. Corey Grant will likely be available and he is a solid Canadian vet, and I expect the Michael Palmer will no longer be a Roughrider either.

I wonder if they are thinking about putting Dressler out on the corner? I hope not that guys speed makes him ridiculous to try and cover as a slot. I imagine that they are going to give Bowman another shot out at Wideout and I would think that likely Rob Bagg will take Corey Grants spot out on the corner. Still leaves us with 2 great young canadians on the bench at slot in Nicholson and Getzlaf. Talk about Canadian ratio breaking receivers wow!

Clermont is 29 years old. Not sure how someone could suggest he is over the hill which is actually a ridiculous statement. Good for the Saskatchewan team, Clermont is a premier player and local boy to boot, thats something that goes a long way in Saskatchewan. Let's wait to see if the rumour is true though. :thup: :rockin:

The best part about this is not only does it give us two big reliable canadians that love to go across and have some of the best hands at SB but it also opens up a import spot.....so instead of having to play clovis or gordon at Safety,we can put Patrick back there..someone who is alot better than both the other options.

From what the local media here and the all three of sports networks are saying its all but a done deal but pressit is right lets not get ahead of ourselfs here lets see what happens first.

I'm wondering about the three linebackers and Durant, will they be able to keep all 4? Durant is really the only somewhat proven QB available unless they make a trade, and he's going to what a good bit of change to be a starter. And the three linebackers can command good salaries, if Sask can pay them I'd expect them to leave. I think some major housecleaning needs to be done in Regina.

...a good signing for the riders, congrats greenies...

They'll find money for Durant. If ET paid Clermont more or less what Flick made last year, that's a wash, and they can just give Durant the money they'll save by replacing Crandell's/Bishop's salary with a young QB instead (Bell, Ball, Tate, you pick).

Now cut MD's salary and replace him with a kid, and Szarka and replace him with nobody (Foord and Hughes, both of whom were on the roster last year are more than sufficient), that'll free up at least $150K, probably closer to $200K to spread around. That's a $50K raise to each to the 3 LB's, which should keep them more than happy.

I know there are other obligations, but if keeping these 3 is your prioirty, it can be done.

I thought it was a little odd that the Riders would be going after Clermont since their real need is at QB... but after reading a few of the responses, it doesn't sound like some of your guys will be coming back. Hmm. Well, nice pick up for the Riders.

All those good receivers, and no Quarterback to throw the ball to them!

I think clermont is an outstanding receiver, but I also think the timing of this is horrible. The riders are fairly deep at receiver(most of which Canadian). It would make me sick to see flick thrown aside like yesterdays underpants, "in my own opinion" I say the riders aren't 07 champs if not for him. His impact on that team was argueably the greatest. So he gets 1 year, then breaks his leg(like half the roster in 08 it seems) and now he's expendable ?
We also need a guy to throw the ball to these receivers. As it stands our most "proven" and I use that term lightly, is still unsigned. We have the "leagues best" LBs supposedly, not signed. This all a month before they are all set to become free agents. If clermont truely wants to be a rider like he says. He would wait and let the team tie all it's loose ends before this shotgun marriage.

The hits over the middle are 100% Chapdelaine's fault.

I'm going to miss Claremont, he has been a fan favourite and one of the classiest guys on the field. He works hard and never complains, a great leader in the locker room.

Jason Clermont is a great signing for the Riders. He’s a very good receiver and great person, this is the type of player who would improve any team. Flick is not Canadian and had a serious injury that could linger for a long time. I hope Flick goes out and plays the way he did in 07 but it may not happen. Signing a Canadian to play slotback gives the Riders a chance to put an American somewhere else. A punt return specialist would be a great spot.