JC Sherritt re-signs with Esks

He has re-signed through 2015.

Great signing for the Esks...I gotta be honest, I thought he would be giving the NFL a crack

I must admit, with a new GM, the Esks have done well already, re-inking 4 guys to date!

Great signing, Sherritt reminds me of another great Alberta based linebacker. Wayne Harris.

Do you really think the NFL would sign a 5'9" LB?

That's the beauty about this guy, he is too small for the NFL and that is very lucky for the Eskies.

Just hoping the NFL thinks the same way about Chris Williams. Different positions though, so who knows? Keeping my fingers crossed though they don't want Chris. :?

Anyone who gets 130 tackles deserves a look.
Fletcher is 5-10 and seems to do well.
While he is not the typical stature of an NFL LB, there are players of his size. Yes, I do find it surprising his phone wouldn't ring.

Eric Tillman may not have been very popular with the Ricky Ray trade as the Esks suffered through a season without a QB but to sign and lock in Sherritt and Grant Shaw two of the best young players at their position the esks could lock them in early with no problem as they had the money under the cap. A kicker like Grant shaw who is able to do all of the kicking duties at such a high level are hard to come by in this day in age and the ESKS have the best of them that is not over 40 years old and a player like Sherritt does not come along that often at 24 years of age.

Well the NFL evaluations could go either way depending on whether the conditioning coach thinks he could add 10 pounds of muscle yet still be as fast. That's easier typed than done by a long shot, but it's a moot point now.

The term "skookum" comes to mind for this signing.

I never heard that term before I came on this forum. Maybe someone can explain that term. Is it Canadian too?

Sherritt may be undersized at for a full time LB in the NFL, but he could've carved out a spot for himself as a special teamer with his desire and effort. I'm sure he got a decent raise and has a desire to be more than just a special teamer. Good on him and the Esks.

As Solomon Elimimian found out it is hard to get a MLB job in the NFL. Many people even post that Import MLB are one of the positions where there is an abundance of import good players. So he may have indeed gotten some interest but probably nothing that would have guarenteed him anything. at 24 going with stability of a 3 year deal in Edmonton was probably the smart move career and financially.