JC Sherritt Fine From Hit. ZC Injury

So he got a penalty for the hit and has now been fined.

I am no doctor. However, I posted earlier that in the Edm - Ham game that it was Sherritt who took out ZC.

It was a low dirty hit to the right knee.

When I saw it, I thought ZC was out. He got up , and I thought how lucky he was .

2 or 3 plays later, ZC knee gives out with out a hit.

I am convinced that hit loosened up the knee.

Is it possible , you can get hit and the have the effects later ?

I think so. Liker a car accident. You feel fine and then 2 days later your back and neck hurts.

Is this what Jonesies boys have to resort to ? Taking out other teams top players ?

Watch out Bo Levi .

We will never know so stop agonizing over it.

I was about to say that it was way more than two or three plays later, and therefore probably not related. The illegal hit was midway through the first quarter (8:13), and the injury was at the beginning of the second quarter (14:39). But then I counted plays, and it was on the Ticats' fifth offensive play after the hit, and the injury was on his first attempt to make a cut.

So then I watched the hit again, and I think you're right. It was on the same knee, and pushed it sideways when Collaros's foot hit the turf. Definitely could have weakened the ligament just short of injury, ready to tear under the very next stress on it.

It's now a viable and proven strategy in the CFL. Take out the other team's stars with a dirty hit, accept a token fine, and improve your own team's chances.

Argo Yurichuk dove knees-first into Brandon Banks' chest the week before and broke his rib. Got a small fine. Improved his team's chances should they meet again in the playoffs.

The only real solution would be to force the offender to sit out as long as his victim is out, when the hit is illegal. Suddenly you'd see people cleaning up their act. (This wouldn't apply in the Sherritt situation because you couldn't prove the connection between the hit and the injury, even though it seem to be linked.) Of course the CFLPA would not go for it because they are more concerned about protecting paycheques than livelihoods.

That's an absolute joke . I'm positive JCS wasn't try to hurt ZC . The injury was on a clean tackle and that's just a football injury .

I choose not to believe that Sherritt was deliberately trying to end Collaros's career, or even his season. Trying to hit himas hard as he could in an effort to intimidate him? Almost definitely.

But to call the hit that he made on Collaros a clean tackle is ridiculous. It was a hard low hit, just below the knee, on the quarterback in the pocket. That is specifically mentioned in the rulebook as an illegal hit:

(c) All rushing defenders must attempt to avoid forcibly hitting a passer in the pocket, at or below the knees, either if their path to the passer was unrestricted, or if they are coming off a blocker
and he was both penalized and fined for it. Now there is no way to determine conclusively that that hit contributed to Collaros's injury, but it is quite possible given that the injury was on his very next time he tried to make a cut.

Well that settles it then. Not only do you know what was in JCS’s heart when he unleashed a dirty hit that the league found to be fine-worthy … But your medical conclusion is that the hit to the knee had no bearing on the (otherwise inexplicable) injury to the same knee a few minutes later.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Yep. And I think Durants' injury this year was a spinoff of a hit he took in back in 2009.

Maybe you wanna read my post again, where did I say the hit on ZC from Sheritt was a clean hit. I chose to believe the hit where ZC sustained the injury was a clean hit and just a football injury.

Was the hit in 2009 to the same ankle? :wink:

If you look at the replay you see his knee getting rolled on, that's where the injury happened . After the hit from Sheritt ZC wasn't even limping, I'm sure if he was injured with an ACL injury he would not be trying to run on it.

But that eliminates the possibility of a screen play for Oliver Stone to option.

The first time I injured by knee, I was playing pick-up football, covering a guy who had played some college ball. He faked right, and went left. I bit on the fake, planted my right foot, and then spun to follow him. (Didn't get the knock down, but did make the tackle.) I remember it hurting, but not enough to make me limp. Three days later, I was standing by a friend's desk when someone called me from behind. I turned to answer, my knee gave out sideways, and I landed on the floor.

Obviously the twist to my knee in the pick-up game had nothing to do with my injury. Riiiiight.

Adrenalin has an amazing ability to mask pain. It is quite possible that he wouldn't be limping after that hit. But he did flex his knee as he was lying on the turf, so obviously he did know something had happened.

Your probably right, I remember when I was 15 and during a hockey game I fell and hit my knee against the boards , I remember it hurting but the pain went away. I thought I was fine, but 30 years later I fell off a ladder tearing my meniscus I knew right away it was due to the hockey injury from a long time ago.


A bit of a difference between years later and a few minutes later. Shake up a can of Coke and open it a couple of minutes later, and you can be pretty sure that it spraying all over was probably caused by you shaking it. Do the same but leave it for a month, and it probably isn't related - especially if you just shook it again.

-" Shake up a can of Coke and open it a couple of minutes later......."

Variation of the Beer Hunter, a game almost as old as Canada.

Beer Hunter - a hilarious Bob and Doug moment. But I would never waste beer like that. :smiley:

brihind88, expat,

With all due respect to you guys, none of us are doctors, so all we can do is speculate. Why is there no information coming from ZC, the head coach, or any doctors about the first hit causing any injury? Maybe because there wasn't any?

So before you start throwing accusations, get your facts first. Your opinion of "I think" and "speculations" has no place in a court of law.

Just saying...

I think you've forgotten one thing. This is not a court of law. This is the realm of opinion.

And never did I, or any other poster (I could be wrong there), stated that the Sherritt hit caused Collaros's injury, only that it could have, to the point of stating that it probably contributed to it.

Sorry, my mistake. I thought these two sentences, one after the other in the same paragraph, were talking about the same play. Especially when you consider that Collaros was injured when he made his cut - before he was tackled.

Well I guess we're never gonna find out unless Zack decides to make it public, until then it's just speculation.
Sheritt has never been a dirty player so I doubt he was intending to hurt anyone.
Let's hope Zack has a speedy recovery .