JBR an angry young man

I really like Jonathan Beaulieu-Richard, better than Plesius actually. Better range and more intelligent.I was surprised he was not drafted. I hope the Als put him on their neg list. He called all the teams to tell them he was going to finish his pharmacology degree and be available next year and he was totally ignored in the draft. If Crawford wasn't drafted, he shouldn't take it personally.

[url=http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2012/05/04/on-vient-dajouter-de-lhuile-sur-le-feu---beaulieu-richard]http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2012/0 ... eu-richard[/url]

…the only part I understood was “Danny Maciocia”… :cry:

haha...Says Danny Maciocia contacted some CFL teams to see why his player was not drafted. They basically replied that they questioned his commitment to playing pro ball. Kind of sad since he spoke to all 8 teams and explained that he was going to finish his pharmocology degree and be available in 2013, basically the same as any NCAA junior... So he's being punished for being a straigh shooter while guys who said they wanted to play in the CFL and got drafted are now off to try their luck in the NFL.

S'il a dit qu'il serait disponible en 2013, pourquoi les équipes l'auraient repêché en 2012?

Il me semble qu'il devait s'y attendre après avoir dit ça, non?

Qu'il joue son année, et s'il est à la hauteur, il aura des offres en 2013. D'un autre côté, la pharmacologie, ça paye mieux que joueur de football canadien. Ça, les équipes le savent peut-être plus que lui...

Il y a probablement une equipe qui l'a mis sur sa liste de negotiation...